Changes: Tumblr’s week in review

New Stuff

  • Switched custom domain hosting from CNAMEs to Static-IP to allow root domains like “”. (Many thanks to Rackspace for leasing us an IP that’s portable across our infrastructure.) See the FAQs for more info.
  • New themes: Fold, and Block.
  • Option to post photos by URL, rather than upload.


  • A couple Account Activation tweaks for users that were having trouble. (Successful activations have stayed at 98%+ for the last 48 hours. Pretty cool.)
  • Logging in to an account that hasn’t been activated re-sends the Activation Email.
  • You can no longer complete registration without a password, making it impossible to use the “Change Password” dialogue. (Thanks Marco W.!)
  • Better handling of custom-domains with and without the “www” prefix.

Coming soon

  • Lots more themes.
  • Custom theme documentation. (This is actually a hugely robust system we can’t wait to show you.)
  • Fixes to a couple Flickr bugs.
  • Phone-to-Tumblr support.
  • One HUGE new feature.

If you have ANY comments, suggestions, or bugs to report, please email us at


2 responses to “Changes: Tumblr’s week in review

  1. Congrats on the launch. Tumblr’s brilliant. I have been looking for something like this for quite a while. Thanks for making it and making it right.

  2. What a wonderful service. Congrats on the launch.

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