A few things before tomorrow

Lots of progress this week. Thank you so much for the productive feedback. A BIG new feature (we’re totally excited about) went into staging today and should be out tomorrow afternoon.

In the meantime, a few updates and fixes have been committed:

  • First of all, I’m the moron that didn’t build Permalinks into the stock themes. We’re going back to work them in, and the new themes we’re building will incorporate them. To anyone who’s using a custom-theme, you can use the {Permalink} tag. Thanks for all the feedback on this.
  • We’ve been building lots of new things to make our tumblelogs more mobile-friendly. The first feature we’re launching today is mobile formatting of every tumblelog on Tumblr. Just add “/mobile” to the end of your URL when browsing from your phone/Treo/BlackBerry/whatever. Example: http://www.davidslog.com/mobile
  • Some users were experiencing the theme selection interface on the Settings page going haywire. This should be permanently fixed. (Thanks Steven B. and Dodd V.!)
  • Some users were experiencing errors when editing captions of Photos. This should be permanently fixed. (Thanks Willie A.!)
  • Conversations using the format “David (11:30:10 PM): LOL” will be formatted more nicely.
  • We’ve started to document the custom theme syntax. Instructions for some of the advanced theme functionality are still missing. More thorough documentation coming very soon.

Some other things you guys requested that we’ll be seeing soon:

  • Inline code with syntax-highlighting in posts.
  • Lots more mobile integration.
  • More flexible editing in the bookmarklet.

Please keep the feedback and feature requests coming! Thanks everyone!


10 responses to “A few things before tomorrow

  1. thanks for the custom theme syntax! i was wondering how the dates formating worked

  2. An excellent product. Thank you.

  3. I’m having an error on posting images sometimes..

    like this one, for instance.

    If I’m on this page and tumbl the image, I get a post error after I enter my caption.

  4. Thanks for the awesome site guys! ~ I am also having problems with posting images, I have only tried to post flickr images, but they aren’t working. for example, I posted http://flickr.com/photos/michivic/406413283/ on the tumblog yesterday, using the bookmarklet, and the image is not showing up properly.

  5. Thanks for the thorough info Dep and Jonathan. Our images are hosted on Amazon’s distributed network, and they seemed to be acting up this morning. We’ve added another level of redundancy to make our image hosting more reliable. Please let us know if it gives you any more trouble. Thanks guys!

  6. lookin’ good

    is the {Permalink} syntax live already ? because it doesn’t seem to be working on my http://tumble77.com

    thanks again for tumblr and everything

  7. @jeevs sinclair:

    I think you understood the {Permalink} function incorrectly. Try this: <a href=”{Permalink}”>Text</a>

  8. @Josie

    thanks for your thought but I’m pretty sure that I’m using it the same way you’re describing. Below is the code I’ve got in my custom theme on tumble77,com


    {DayOfWeek}, {Month} {DayOfMonth}{DayOfMonthSuffix}




  9. (comments seem to have ignored my command, you can see it here anyways, thanks again but I’m pretty sure I’m doing exactly what you’re suggesting)

  10. my Permalinks issue seems to have fixed itself. mucho gracias

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