We hear you!

Every week we’re going to set aside a post to answer your questions and feedback. If there’s anything you’d like to throw into the fray, just leave a comment. Thank you!

Sometimes I upload 20 shots of products or a particular photo shoot [to Flickr], but I don’t necessarily want all 20 of those to appear full-sized in Tumblr.

Lots of Tumblr users have been using Flickr’s built-in tags to mark photos for import. Just tag your desired Flickr photos with something like “tumblr”, and subscribe to that tag’s RSS feed.

I was wondering if Google Adsense ads are allowed to be added to Tumblr?

We haven’t formed an official policy on advertising. But since our philosophy is building Tumblr into a complete tool, we certainly don’t want to alienate any of our pro-users. Ads are a-okay. We’ll update you if our Terms of Service changes.

Could you show more featured tumblelogs? I’d like to see what others are doing.

We’re working on some VERY cool ways to explore tumblelogs. Check back soon!

I’d like to communicate somehow. Maybe blogs with comments and trackbacks are just different than tumbelogs, but I want 2-way communication. Any recommendations?

We absolutely understand the value of a web site being an interactive experience. That said, we, and many of our users, don’t believe “comments”, as they are currently being applied on blogs, will enhance the tumblelog experience. That’s not a cop-out though. We’re staging several experimental interfaces for user feedback. Lots of neat things to come. We promise!

I’m having trouble getting posts from before the date I added the feed to import…

When you add a feed to be imported, we grab the latest post, and then every one posted after that.

The only thing missing from Tumblr is tags and a tag cloud to make navigating older posts easier.

Tags are in development as an OPTIONAL feature that can be tucked away and disabled if you don’t care for the clutter. Look out for this soon.

I know you want to keep Tumblr as simple as possible, but I would love to see a feature for scheduled posting.

We’ll be adding the ability to set the date and time of posts, as well as forward date them for scheduled publishing.

[It would be great] if it could have a “VIDEO” type in the feed imports. I have an RSS feed of my favorite youtube videos and I would LOVE it if it worked the same way as directly posting a video (seeing the video preview and play button instead of just a link).

Totally agree. We’ll make this happen.


23 responses to “We hear you!

  1. Hats off to you, team. You’ve done a brilliant job with Tumblr, and it’s already consuming way too much of my time than is probably a Good Thing…

    I’m especially enamored with the ability to build a custom theme – often, hosted blog solutions only provide you with a limited selection of themes which ends up having the blogs all looking the same. I’ve hacked around with the system and come up with a look I like, but I’m sure it’ll still get tweaked a bit. Props for creating such a flexible framework, and I look forward to finding out what else it can do!

    I’ve noticed one bug, though: I’m in New Zealand, and therefore my time zone is a fair way off that of most sites. I’ve set the timezone within the Tumblr options, but my posts don’t seem to match with the time I posted them. This seems to apply to both imported RSS feeds and local posts.

    Now, for my wishlist:

    1. Post limitations. Another user mentioned this in a comment for a different post, and I’m gonna second the request – I’d like to be able to limit the length of a regular post imported via RSS, then have a link to the full version. I suppose this could also be achieved with an excerpt feed, now that I think about it, but it’d be nice to have the support natively.

    2. del.icio.us notes support. Again, mentioned by someone else already, but I’m seconding it. In fact, the ability to add notes on ANY link post would be great, as often the title doesn’t explain the content too well.

    ..and that’s all I can think of right now! Again, superb job on the system, guys… keep it up!

  2. “I’d like to be able to limit the length of a regular post imported via RSS, then have a link to the full version.”

    Seconded!…no, thirded!

    Also, I would liek to say, that I love tumblr.

  3. Thanks, Karrde and nogg3r5!

    We agree that a summarized-regular-post import type is a great idea. Look for it soon!

  4. i really love tumbrl.
    just wanted to know: where is my feed? is it not a default feature?
    thanks a lot in advance for your answer, guys, and keep the great work!

  5. i would love to see more featured tumblelogs. i’ve already seen the projectionist and tumbleo :)

  6. Tumblr rocks! Thanks for the great features so far and the many more to come.

  7. really liking tumblr. is there a way to post a link as an image? i tried making a link post with an img tag in the title but the html showed up even with filter html unchecked. for now i’ve been making image posts and sticking the link in the caption, but it’d be cool to have clickable images.

  8. Tumblr, you guys are awesome. I’ve always been searching for blog website that meets my high expectations. I heard on Leo Laporte’s podcasts that you guys were offering blog services and I decided to check it out.

    After working around with your custom formatting and importing RSS feeds (amazing feature, it’s great), I have come to love your services. Thank you for offering such great service with a great admin interface.

    To give some constructive criticism I would suggest a few things: 1) Give users a setting to restrict the length of rss feeds. 2) Host a page that shows what the theme based code is IE:



    I wasn’t able to find this content anywhere but I feel it would benefit the community as a whole. 3) Forums! I would love to interact with some users and help them with their blogs. =)

  9. Found the theme code commands. (http://tumblr.com/custom_themes) Was pretty difficult to find though.

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  11. ahhh, I do need comments! Turn-offable for those who don’t want them, of course. I love being able to pull together my stuff from all corners of the web, but I don’t want all output, no input. My hordes of readers (i.e., sister, husband, sister-in-law) will be mighty consternated if I make this my default site (which I want to do!) but they can’t comment on it.

  12. I read you do not give support for redirecting to personal domains. But… just a question: does it work with country specific domains? I’ve been trying to point to sur.cambalache.org.mx and all I’ve managed to do is get the tumblr.com homepage.

  13. Hi:

    I love this tool. I am not using it exactly as intended. I intended that the domain I pointed here, myparticles would be like little articles (i.e., particles) but I am posting longer stuff…

    Anyway, the system does not seem to recognize the vspace value in the html and the tet is too close to the pictures. Am I missing something or is my only cure to add a background matching border around the picture? Also, is there some other place I should be asking this question?


    I hope I can stop having so much fun and move on to particle-sized articles soon.

  14. Liking Tumblr so far and appreciate the suggestion for Flickr tags.

    However, it would be nice to the feed version of Flickr -> Tumblr could result in larger pictures. It seems that directly posted pictures are quite a bit larger than the pictures from a Flickr feed.

    Thanks much.

  15. Hi guys! I’ve been waiting for another FAQ/Suggestion post, but there hasn’t been one….so…..

    The quotations are one of my favorite parts of Tumblr, except I HATE not having the close quotation mark. Why only the opening mark? It just looks funny. Is there any way you can add a close quotation mark to that feature?

    Thanks – and great job!

  16. I love the new look and I use the quick posting bookmark all the time. Having the dashboard link on the page is also so very helpful.

    I do wish that there was some kind of commenting feature in any way or shape. I have many friends that like to read my page to keep up on things, but they always what to let me know about something on my page and there is no way for them to do so. I hope that something is integrated soon for these readers.

  17. I agree that a summarized-regular-post import type is worth working with.

  18. This platform is not very user friendly at all. Nor is it optimized well for performing SEO.

    You can’t even use it with most or all of Google’s Webmaster tools because editing files is virtually impossible. You can’t even put in a verification code that Google gives you if you want to have your site verified.

    I’d like to delete my blog that I created and stop Google from Indexing it. Can someone tell me how to do this?

  19. I recently came across tumblr and found it wonderful to use (I had 3 blogs under construction-2 had good content) and I was in the process of adding content to my 3rd blog when I found that all 3 had been suspended, I was gobsmacked to say the least as I had not offended the rules in any way and was adding good content and definitely not spamming!!
    I have now found out through the grapevine that others have been given similar treatment, had the blogs been looked at by a real person or had they just been removed-en-masse because you want to have a “private club” This is alianating Internet marketeers all across the world and I would like to know what is going to be done about this sad state of affairs which is badly affecting your business.

  20. It is not obvious how to contact you guys – since you dont reply to messages on suppor@tumblr.com

    I opened lowgifood.tmblr.com which was suspended.

    Here a copy of a post I left on marcos blog – he answered ” here is not the place” without saying “where is the place”


    This isnt a 30DC question – it is a question of tumblr policy – what it says and what it means – and ensuring that future tumblrs dont follow a road that is deemed unacceptable to tumblr.

    To make progress on this requires that tumblr expands on its policy statement and producing some kind of FAQ- making tumblrs aware of where the limits are.

    Tumblr is a fascinating resource, and I would LOVE to use it again once I get the rules straight on what is permitted and what is not –

    I entered a post explaining my interest and experience in “low gi food” on marcos blog and the suspension has just left me confused. I put up five posts about different things of interest, socialised once, just me. Got slapped anyway.

    Whatis said in the terms and what you mean I suspect are two didferent things.

    Nowhere does it say “no affiliate links” – if thats what you mean, then thats what you should say! That makes it easy for everyone dont you think?

    Also – I look at one of your top rated tumblogs blogable and notice it is all( or seems to be) simply syndicated content – all of it in as far as I can see in direct contravention of your rules.

    So please David/Marco – you have to think. Decide on the set of rules you are going TO USE, publish them and stick to them – that would make life easier for tumblrs and you.

    Just throwing the word “spam” out without definitions doesnt help anyone at all. There is still ( a minority) of flat earth web users , who dont believe their should be any commercial stuff on the web to whom every link and ad is spam.

    My own definition of spam, is when the web doesnt give me what I ask for – thats unsolicited advertising on topics I have no interest in at all and havent gone looking for. So adsense put on a page which is not targetted to specific keywords is spam in my view – since the ads are then untargetted to me.
    As I sit here entering this on marcos blog – there is a google advert for “San Marco” – which is google best attempt to context base advertising to “marcos blog” that is 100% total SPAM!!! it is unsolicited advertising on a subject irrelevant to me the user.

    If I type “how to grow red bush fuschias” into a search engine I expect to find information on “how to grow red bush fuschias” inevitably that means a mixture of resources – some key pointers – some links to interesting books and comments on them, DVDs and videos – some tips and tricks and dos and donts.Some sources to BUY small applicable plants is what i want , and what I asked for. And I am happy if I see a few “bush fuschia” adsense ads, because that is what I asked for.

    That is not spam – that is what I expect to find and I am short changed if I dont find it So is such information welcome on a tumblelog?

    So rather than using the word spam as though it were a “disease” in your policy – give some definitions.

    Better still some examples in an FAQ of “here is an example of acceptable content” – “here is what we wont tolerate”

    Right now from the policy the situation is as clear as mud – which doesnt help you or tumblrs.

    Incidentally – take a look at seth godins statement of policy issued in the aftermath of squidoo slap. It might give some ideas…..

    An FAQ with examples and detailed policy statement will save you loads of hassle in the future – then noone ( like me) can grumble they were unfairly treated if they are kicked out for violating rules – which presently I am because I have not violated the letter or spirit of what I read in the policy.

    As I said , I would like to use tumblr again – but I want to understand the rules first. –


    I originally posted this on Marcos forum, since you havent answered emails on similar themes. It seems to me to be a credible resource, davidville need to open a forum for tumblrs which would then allow posts such as this.

    It would also take a weight of your shoulders in support, since many of the “how do you” questions are answered by other users, not the official support team.

    This will keep rearing its head until it isactively solved by providing information to would be tumblrs on where the limits are.

    I would like to start tumbling again.
    But It is not obvious to anyone what the rules are.

  21. hey, you guys rock, I wanted to know about comments and plugins support,

  22. How about uploading a bunch of photos?
    It would be very useful

  23. Hello ;) Thank you for this website! Here is mine http://voltarol.wikidot.com/

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