Chicago Tribune: “Is small talk the next big thing?”

We got some very cool coverage today. Eric Gwinn at the Chicago Tribune was kind enough to cover Tumblr in an article about the movement towards short-form on the web.

Eric asks “Is small talk the next big thing?”. I really enjoyed this interview. Eric is a seriously sharp guy.

“Short form is here for the long haul”

Read the full article here


4 responses to “Chicago Tribune: “Is small talk the next big thing?”

  1. This isn’t a comment on this post, but I’m not sure where else to post this design question.

    My site:

    So I’ve taken the description div and turned it into a description and link to the photo that I’ve set for my background (which I plan on changing up from time to time). I originally had this description outside the main container floating off in the top right corner. The problem is the link can’t be clicked because the publisher control thing blocks the text, even when logged out. I moved the description back into the container, but it’s still blocked at 800×600 resolution.

    Is there any way to give us control over where this publisher div is positioned on the page to prevent problems like this?

  2. No way to delete comments..ack. I’ve decided to take an entirely new approach. Using iframes! And other craziness.

  3. Michel:

    We currently don’t offer a way to move the publisher iframe (“Hi Michel. Add/Edit my posts, Sign out”). We also don’t guarantee that it will always stay the same size, although we promise only to change the size if we have a really good reason.

    You shouldn’t depend on the iframe being there (or not), nor should you depend on its size being exactly what it is now. It could grow or shrink over time, within reason, as we add features.

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