Changes a brewin’

Sorry for the slow week, everyone. We’ve been hard at work finishing updates to Worldwide Fido. We’ve also been polishing up the core Tumblr functionality, so we can spend April focusing on the what I’ll loosely describe as Tumblr’s upcoming “community” features — codenamed “Andean Mountain Cat“.

Mobile Text (beta)

We’re gearing up to launch Mobile Text posting next week. We just need a little help to make sure everyone’s carriers are supported. So please grab your phone and shoot an SMS message to If your carrier supports “Subject” lines, please try sending one with, and one without. Thanks everyone!


TumbletHere we thought we would quietly launch the Tumblr Write API before the weekend. Little did we know the excellent folks at Download Squad would use that very API in a feature on building Dashboard widgets with Apple’s Dashcode.

The apps we’ve started to receive are already looking slick. A few of the stable ones are linked to below. Everything we’re seeing so far is OS X flavored. Where the Windows developers at?

  • Tumblet – The first toy we whipped together to test the Tumblr API. This Dashboard Widget lets you quickly post short text blurbs to Tumblr.
  • Tumble on Quicksilver – A great add-on to the OS X app, Quicksilver. Released impossibly quickly by Andrew Lilja.
  • Tumblr Widget – A great Dashboard Widget for posting Regular Posts to Tumblr.

Automated Support for Custom Domains

One feature that’s proven very difficult to support is Custom Domains. Letting you bring your own domains to Tumblr really offers an amazing level of integration and personalization, and we’re thrilled to already be hosting more than 2500 of your domains!

The problem surfaces when users who aren’t experienced with the tricky process of setting up a domain buy their first domain for use on Tumblr. Although certainly doable, this can be a very confusing process for the uninitiated. And even worse, it’s a very tricky problem to support, as most domain registrars have proprietary configuration tools.

Check Domain

To help with this process, we’ve built a simple domain test to help users who are having trouble getting their domain working. Now, just enter your domain to see its current status, along with an explanation that should help when contacting your domain registrar’s support.

Please give it a spin and let us know how it does.

“Pro” features, and other flattery

I’m not sure everyone realizes just how flattered and honored we are to be receiving questions and feedback on Tumblr’s “Pro” features. Outside of a few email responses, I don’t believe we’ve made a public announcement regarding Pro accounts. And yet we’re getting several emails and blog comments each day, asking for a hint of the new Pro features to come.

It means so much to us that you guys are not only excited about what we’re doing, but excited to support our projects going forward. It’s really a privilege. And we’re incredibly grateful.

So let me just say officially that Pro accounts are on their way. We won’t be divulging any specifics yet, but we do want to announce our promise to use “Pro” as more than just a chance to capitalize on what we’re already offering.

We’ve been very frustrated with services treating their free accounts like baby users. We want to look at Pro accounts as a chance to offer features that would otherwise be too expensive to develop, and as our opportunity to invent features that are truly unique to this form. We also want to recognize that these will be some of our most engaged users, and with perks, like early access to new features, we’ll try and significantly enhance the Pro experience without impeding the rest of you.

Many new things to come as we continue exploring the very cool tumblelog form. Thank you for your support along the way.


IridescentYou guys continue to blow us away with some incredible custom themes. Just a few here:

And some bugs have been squashed:

  • A formatting bug has been fixed that was causing inline links in Link posts’ descriptions to look wacky.
  • We’re also now sending the variable {PostID} in every post block. Its value is the integer that appears at the end of the post’s permalink (“/post/123456”).
  • One oversight on our part: because the HREF tag for Link posts is being defined in the theme, it is not respecting the “Open links in new window option”. To fix this, all stock themes now incorporate a variable, {Target}, in the Link block. It either renders nothing, or the full string: target=”_blank”

Also, I just wanted to apologize to anyone who’s gotten a slow response, or is still waiting on a response to an email. We’re now receiving over one-hundred emails every day, many of which take 5-10 minutes to thoroughly answer. This is, of course, a tremendous privilege, and we really appreciate your understanding while we continue to grow. Hopefully, we’ll be shifting some of the questions we receive into a Tumblr Forum in the very near future.


60 responses to “Changes a brewin’

  1. Can I come back and be the e-mail answering intern?

  2. Aneilia, don’t tell anyone, but interns are seldom as able and lovely as you were. You are always welcome in Davidville!

  3. Is there a number for the SMS too? Sprint’s not letting me send an SMS to an email address. (I could send one from my linked Exchange acct, but I don’t think that would be quite the same)

  4. Pro accounts sound awesome. I think it’d be cool if there weren’t any pro accounts and everyone got all that by default, but I realize it can’t be done.

    It’d be slick if there was a desktop app that would allow you to post directly to Tumblr, a la Twitterrific.

  5. Robert: We’re in the process of locking down a short code. That said, we’ve been successfully receiving messages from Sprint users, so I’m not sure what’s up.

    Grey: I wouldn’t worry about it too much. We promise we’re going to keep our free service loaded with features.

    And on desktop apps — we just need some serious desktop developers to start messing with the API. (Twitterrific is seriously cool.)

  6. Since we’re talking about twitter…I recently made a yahoo pipes feed that I think looks better in my tumblelog. This version is designed to be imported as a regular post without titles, but I’m working on another version that sets the title to be an approximation of the post date (which is working fine actually, as long as you’re on UTC).

    Anyway, here’s the link: Twitter for Tumblr

    :: Lisa
    :: adora [at] techslut [.] net

  7. Does it get any better than cute girls hacking your site? Very cool use of Y! Pipes, Lisa!

  8. I am holding off being an active user until I see details about pro accounts. I am hoping to see 15 dollars/month for reasonable bandwidth and disk space.

    I am looking at using tumblr for a commercial project and do not want to risk it with a free account.

    Keep the good work!

  9. Still anxious to see what kind of suggestions the Tumblr community will contribute using FeVote. :)

    In the meantime, it’s exciting to see the core product grow some wings! Keep it up!

  10. i second the sms-number request.
    i cannot send SMS to email addresses, only to a number.

    mailing from the phone would be a way to do it, but it’s not an SMS…

  11. Just a note – I already posted two “Hacking Tumblr” posts. One is for adding FeedBurner to your Tumblr account and the other is for adding an HTML contact form to your tumblr via Wufoo.

    Also wrote a post on about Tumblr title “Tumblr – Bringing Blogging Back”.

  12. Loving everything so far! A couple of things….

    1. Could the ‘radar’ page have an rss feed? That would be sweet!

    2. Is there any way the feed import function could support multiple images? I post to my moblog ( and import entries via rss, however if I post multiple images only the first image shows up. This is bearable, but it’d be great if they all showed up. (There’s a limit of 10 pics per post on my moblog site).

  13. It would be great if the titles in the individual posts reflected the caption i.e.

    could have the following in the title.

    Where To? – betumbled

  14. i’m a newbie (as of a few weeks ago) and i love tumblr.

    but could somebody help me understand how to put an RSS link into my tumblelog for my viewers to use?

    (perhaps making this is also a suggestion to make a toggle-able feature soon?)

    coleslawtumblelawg (at) yahoo

  15. thanks sooo much for fixing the “open links in new window” thing!!!

  16. Thanks y’all! Tumblr helps me tremendously! Combining via RSS? Brilliant.

  17. I also wrote up a dirty little HOWTO on how to make a Tumblr theme match a WordPress blog if anyone’s interested.

    :: Lisa
    :: adora [at] techslut [.] net

  18. Note to self: Do not post at 5am.

    :: Lisa
    :: adora [at] techslut [.] net

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  21. Hi guys. We are a group here in Denmark, Europe who are using Tumblr to manage info in our project. We are having a bit of trouble though, since we cannot make more writers/users. Could this be a feature? Or is it not in the Tumblr concept? :-D
    Thanks for great things i clean design-boxes!

  22. Thank you for the automated custom domain support page. It helped me out.

  23. I’ve got a very simple request–a favicon / icon for Tumblr!

  24. Great job :-D
    Just a little question (bug?): with firefox if i try to upload on the fly a picture (photo) the system ask me to login (ok) but when i do this an error occured… when i retry to do it’ s all right… Not with the other staff (post, link, quote …) but only with the pictures…

  25. I have a small feature request: can we increase the maximum number of posts per page somewhat? Ideally, I’d like the ability to display all of them without restriction, but if that’s not desirable, how about 30? This is in aid of a new design I’m working on…

  26. problems with feed importing ?
    for some time now i can’t seem to import my ma.gnolia feed (even though ma.gnolia says their part is ok) and my twitter feed is also taking ages to update.

    another issue: sidebar got changed. i have some images there and they were lined up until yesterday. now they’re not and i don’t have a clue about what happened…

  27. I’ve got to agree with Karrde. I would love to be able to type in a number of posts I want per page, instead of a maximum of 15, if it can be done.

    Apart from that I can’t wait to see what happens with these pro accounts :P

  28. iván: That’s possible. You need to use this HTML code in the <head> section of the of the template:

    <link rel=”icon” href=”” type=”image/gif” />

  29. It looks like none of my feeds are imported today…is anyone else having that problem? Guess I’ll load in xkcd manually.

  30. Hi tbphx and maique – An update this morning caused feed crawling to stall. They’re now importing normally. Our apologies for the delay.

  31. I was initially put off from making a custom theme due to the lack of documentation, but I picked up pretty quick. It’s a very easy to use template system. Here’s my custom theme.

  32. As a new user who is still setting up my “tumbl” I would love to see some better smarts in the importer.

    I use delicious as a front-end for posting, because it has a firefox extension etc. and also because it’s multi-purpose vs. just dropping things on a dedicated blog. So I’m bringing in several delicious feeds, but the same things might apply to other services too?

    1) Automatically recognize a link to youtube, google video, etc. and post it as a video. (Same thing for flickr, etc. for pictures?) Use the link title as the caption.

    2) The importer seems to be moving backwards through my feeds. As a result it’s digging up all these old links and posting them as “new” on April 5th. I don’t know if there’s enough info in the feed but could the imported posts be moved to their original date?

    3) Eliminate dupes that come when I import from myaccount/funny and myaccount/video, etc.

    These things would be far more important to me than community features. I realize that might not be true for established tumblrs, of course. But I bet there are also a lot of other potential users out there who would love an easy import…

    I might be able to build something with Pipes to combine & eliminate dupes? Dunno. I doubt most people can navigate the intricacies of Pipes to get it done, though.

    I’d be willing to “restart” my tumblr just to get these features!

  33. Steve: While the bookmarklet doesn’t automatically recognize a link, if you to the actual page and click “Share on Tumblr” it will automatically post it as a video or photo depending on what it is. Try it on Flickr or YouTube.

  34. Steve: Eliminating dupes in an RSS feed is extremely easy with Yahoo Pipes. I just now set up one that can take up to five different feed sources (from anywhere, not just and turns them into one unique feed.

    To use, enter the feed for each tag you use and then click Run Pipe. If the results look ok, hover over the Subscribe link and copy the shortcut to the “Get as RSS” link. Paste that into Tumblr and you should be all set. =]

    Link to pipe

    :: Lisa
    :: adora [at] techslut [.] net

  35. since they’re getting so many emails (and I am trying to be patient and am anticipating a long wait for an official answer to my email), I thought I’d see if anyone happens to see this and knows the answer.

    Despite checking my cookies settings, I can’t do much in Tumblr without it asking me to log in again (And taking me right back to the main page, not where I was trying to go). I managed to make a post using the “Share on Tumblr” bookmark, but anything I try to do from the main page, including settings, etc, it keeps popping me back to log in? Is this a common problem? a bug as of this weekend? or is my computer doing something crazy… does Tumblr not like firefox? whats up? I’ve racked my brain and can’t figure it out on my own…

  36. Aria: Not a problem I’ve encountered at all, ever, and I use Firefox. A few suggestions:

    – They might do some referrer checking. Make sure you aren’t disabling referrers.
    – Be sure your cookie permissions are a-okay, including allowing cookies from 3rd party sites. They do some interchanging between and, I never quite figured out why.

  37. Requests: different languages for post timestamps and making the RSS button color configurable.

    You’re doing a great job with this.

  38. Wow! Thanks for the mention!!

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  40. what can i use for WINDOWS ?

  41. I just lost my custom theme.. and it seems some of the others on your list have too. Help!!

  42. Don’t forget us Windows users when making tumblr clients. (even though some of us desperately want a mac, but can’t afford one) =)

  43. Admittedly I have a slight bias, but even so… ;)

    The Dashboard widget not only refused to connect, it exposes both my account name and password in plaintext.

  44. First off thank you so much for this wonderful service you are providing.

    My comment/question is in regard to the sms feature you are currently testing.

    Is there a way where we can define if what we are posting is either a text, quote, or link?

    something like
    q:”insert quote here” or t:Text about whatever sent via sms here

    My second question is regarding this post, is there a proper place to ask questions like this? a Forum maybe?

    Thank you in advance

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  46. would very much appreciate an archives and calendar like blogspot and typepad on the side panel.

  47. I’m disappointed with the lack of Links opening in New windows. I wish all links (even those in captions for photos, videos, chat, or quotes) could open in a new window. I figured out how to do it. Here are the instructions:

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