Emergency server maintenance

I’m afraid our User database has suffered a hard crash and is in the process of being restored. Access was not affected, although custom themes will appear reset until the import is complete. Please avoid editing your theme until then.

Our deepest apologies for the inconvenience.

– Marco


20 responses to “Emergency server maintenance

  1. I did wonder. I’m glad I checked the blog before I restored the theme myself.

    Thanks for the head’s up!

  2. Sorry to hear of your server issues. Kudos for letting users know so quickly – although not quickly enough to prevent me restoring the majority of my (minor) theme edits from a week-old personal backup! It’s good to know my more recent edits are in the process of being restored.

    Good luck.

  3. Thanks much for letting us know. However, like Nick I saw this after I restored my template. Can I suggest putting some sort of message at the top of http://www.tumblr.net/settings saying something like, “Heya! Sorry, we know your template’s borked! We’re working on it, doh” and link to this post? It’d get people’s attention right at the moment they should have it. :)

  4. I trust you will keep us informed on import completion…

    /sorry for the /crash…

  5. Oops. Ok, so I should have checked for updates for posting in the previous post. Sorry!

  6. oops … should’ve checked. Let’s see what happens when things come back online.

  7. Just to clarify, there won’t be any death or destruction if you edit your theme now, and it won’t make our job any harder – you’re just very likely to lose any changes you make now after we finish restoring the backup.

  8. A little stroke of bad luck can only be followed by some good. Lets hope for an update for Tumblr :P

  9. Thanks very much for the update. I was worried for a minute there but upon reading this was greatly reassured. Keep up the fantastic work guys!

  10. argh. should’ve checked here, too. anyway, i agree with jason. a redirect would’ve been nice.

    i’ll wait it out. i’m hoping my layout didn’t get affected much.

  11. Maybe a news “feed” that outputs at the top of the publisher page would help those who, like me, are just too lazy or dumb to visit the blog. :-)

  12. I have to custom the layout again. Thanks for the help.
    Can u insert system messages on Tumblr’s profile ? ;)

  13. Phew. I was just about to start to redo the design. I didn’t take a backup of it yet because I thought this sort of thing couldn’t happen.. :)

    Well I hope you get some backups online soon. (I hope you do have backups.)

    Now I’ll just wait. And make backups.

  14. I was wondering if, when signing up to a Tumblr account, I would be able to get all the data off Tumblr? Or am I locked-in to Tumblr?


  15. Damn.. new I should’ve checked the blog before thinking I had messed up sometime late last night… oh well… I’ll stop css’ing now .. lol… :)

  16. maintenance nga yon u yunk

  17. asa

  18. Love the advice. Thank you.

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