Tumblr v3

130 responses to “11-1-07

  1. yes, yes, please…
    now i have oct 26 and nov 01 to wait for…

  2. Hmm! It’s alive!

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  4. Signs of life. Awesome.

  5. Well holy shit! I am looking forward to the new release!

  6. well done! I cant wait…

  7. S w e e t. Tumblr is one of my favorite things.

  8. Aplausos para DavidVille desde Santiago, porque al fín se han hecho escuchar desde hace más de 6 meses

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  10. Yes…Finally! I can’t wait to see what the new update entails.

  11. I can’t wait… I mean I have been waiting, but now I don’t have to any more.

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  14. oh boy! commenting?!

  15. Holy crap you guys ARE alive!

  16. Very Apple-esque, guys. Love it and eagerly awaiting the release!

    Marc :-)

  17. Awesome!–looking forward to it, and thx a bunch guys, I’m sure you’ve put a lot of hard work into it!

  18. hello
    how can I remove one blog?

  19. I think I’ve just shit myself…

  20. I totally just got blue balls. Thanks.

  21. Def cant wait. Me want now. :)))

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  23. Congrats, can’t wait to see it!

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  25. tease us more, what can we expect…

  26. OMIGOSH! And today I was writing a blog post about blog fatigue (yes it’s ironic), and was going to come to the conclusion that I might discount the quite, inactive ones… like tumblr… but I guess I am going to have to wait!

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  28. Congratulations! Can’t wait!

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  31. Is it sad that I’m more excited about the upcoming release of Tumblr than I am of the upcoming release of Leopard?

  32. Leopard I am looking forward to. But a week later I will be used to it and this will make the next week exciting.

    I am hoping drag and drop re-ordering of posts in the dashboard, and being able to upload photos to tumblr in text posts. Oh and…that’s about it.

  33. just mind blowing. fun. smart. easy. everything we need right now. thanks all
    can’t wait

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  35. I’m glad, but next time, at least let us know you’re alive between releases. Even if a blog entry has nothing to do with a new release, it at least lets us know you’re still together.

  36. … and finally something happens.

    gogo tumblr.

  37. Woohooo! Great! =)

  38. YAY!!!!! im sooooooo excited!!!! i am loving TUMBLR =D sooo much!

  39. want more teasers… more…

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  41. I’m scared. lol

    I been looking forward for this for along time.

  42. whoo-hoo!

    OSX.5 and New Tumblr within a week!


  43. This is the first time ever that I’ve waited for a product to release something if I could get it elsewhere. I have total faith that the next release will be worth it. OOOOO OMG MOBLOGGING FANDOMZ!

  44. Awesome. Are you finally implementing a salt shaker?

  45. Ooh .. can’t wait to play even more :).

  46. My most favorite thing to use, but a search or archiving would be nice, maybe tumblr 4?…

    Keep up the good work

  47. feature request: an easy way of aggregating comments you make on other peoples blogs.

  48. Agreed with Kevin. I’ve been using a different blog, but I’m looking forward to coming back (if there are comments or the equivalent in this update)

  49. Damn I just ported my tumblelog over to WordPress lol! Wow can’t wait to see what’s in store, I’ll probably start a personal tumblelog here at Tumblr to try out the new features. Congrats on the funding by the way!

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  51. I’m SO excited, guys! You do such great work with Tumblr. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

    Could I pitch in my 2cents? I think a Tumblr Facebook application could be really cool to show recent posts and maybe more.

  52. nice, nice, nice… I can’t wait

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  54. Yuppee!!!

    btw davidville, please update this blog regularly. Any thing, from geek culture to anything related to Tumblr and team.

    allthebest :)

  55. Can’t waaaaiiiiiiiit!!!!! More tumblring…

  56. ooooooooooh! i think i just wet me pants.


  58. I hope they don’t go all if/else/b:skin/b:loop/ with the template system. That stuff scares me.

    If they do, I hope it’s more like ExpressionEngine’s with simpler tags rather than Blogger’s.

  59. That is a lovely teaser image. Glad you’re still working on this service, and looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to!

  60. Make sure you’re set to go on the 1st of November for the new Tumblr version. Mobypicture uses the Tumblr API to directly post your mobile photos (and soon video!) to your Tumblr.

    Check it out!

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  62. Awesome… I can’t wait

  63. Amazing. I just recently found tumblr (yes, I’m slow), but I already love it to death.

  64. I forget all about my tumblelog for months & months & then when I do suddenly remember to check it out I see something exciting is going to happen very soon. How very exciting. :-)

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  66. /me crosses fingers hoping for search
    I’m so tired of wondering where that old post that I want to link to is.
    Tumblr is a great tool – I can’t wait for it to get even better!

  67. hope I can post from my blackberry on Thursday!

  68. hurra! reference to previous posts would be nice! Y los difuntos regresan a visitarnos el 1o. de nov. y el 2.

  69. I cannot describe how giddy I am getting for this next release. I feel like I am getting an iPhone or Wii.

  70. WOW! I can´t wait!!!!

  71. I’m glad the tumblr team is alive :]

  72. Hey – someone above asked about Facebook. If you like you should check out the Facebook application Flog Blog.

  73. The dashboard advice tells us that the upgrade will take place on the ‘morning’ of the 1st Nov EST. The warning is much appreciated…

    I know these things can be extremely unpredictable, and you may be wanting to remain as flexible as possible, but that is a twelve hour slot there – from midnight to noon. Any idea as to when in that time-frame you expect to start the upgrade?

    Any idea of how long it ought to take if it goes well?


  74. Good luck, Tumblr crew, on release tomorrow…

  75. The station is ready and waiting for new perfective capabilities. Holding pattern about to cease …

  76. This comment is just for me to check what time it is in your timezome =P

  77. Listen up, fight controllers. We need a go, no-go, for launch…

  78. Rats, that’s flight controllers, flight! Hmmph. Well, bungled NASA references aside, have a good launch, tumblr!

  79. it’s time!
    i’ll see what happens later

  80. *sucks in breath for 15mins*

  81. *gone blue*
    Also, probably won’t start updating until later :[

  82. *clinically dead*
    It’s 4:55AM here.

  83. And hey while I’m spamming the comments, might as well bump the new forum – http://iiug.qwik-host.com *for all your lulzy needs*… ahem

  84. The suspense is tingly!

  85. /me twiddles fingers

    (i know whatever it is will rule)


  86. well I think its 1st Nov already! Where is the new thing ;) ?

  87. Belgium, 12:03 PM : “Les convoyeurs attendent”.

  88. Come on….. Come on………. Come on…………… COME ON!!!!!

  89. Any second now……………..
    Any minute now……………………….
    Any hour now………………………………………….

  90. Oooo… *sees maintenance message*

  91. can’t waitttttt

  92. “YG said, “Se7en’s getting hot attention from American women at the parties and is being recognized and appealing as a ’man’ now.””
    – Jesus christ

  93. Tension’s killing me. I want the new stuff!

  94. *leg begins to shake*

  95. I’m counting down…

  96. nothing yet:/

  97. It seems that there are new things on the homepage. The dashboard is not available yet.

    Crossing my fingers.

  98. @Travis
    No it’s not! =P

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  102. Nice site. I will add you to my ‘blogroll’.Caty-Slendertone flex

  103. Уважаемый автор, а вы случайно не из Москвы?

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