Third time’s a charm

Over 400 new features, fixes, and improvements. Introducing Tumblr 3.0

It’s been six months since we launched Tumblr 2.0. We’ve spent a lot of time looking at the ways you’ve been using Tumblr, want to be using it, and could be using it. Today, we’re delighted to show you the culmination of all your feedback and support. The most powerful and simple application we’ve ever built.



Two things were clear as we were building the next version of Tumblr: Lots of new features would require a very refined interface so as not to be overwhelming. And mobile was going to become very important.

November’s Macworld called Tumblr “ideal for posting from a mobile phone“, and we’ve been thinking a lot about mobile interfaces since we first got ahold of our iPhones a few months ago. Elsewhere, “mobile” means a stripped down baby version of the real thing. But for the first time we’re starting to have the real internet in our pockets. And we’re taking advantage of it.

You can already post text and photos from any mobile phone, but the new Tumblr interface has considered the iPhone in every aspect. Not only is the new interface a pleasure to use, but there is something absolutely magical about using the real Tumblr on an iPhone.

A HUGE thanks to Bobby Andersen for crafting the great pixel work you’ll see through the new design. He was able to squeeze Tumblr into his schedule just before being snatched up by Apple where he’s now working on something he can’t tell us about.

Now let’s talk features.

Flawless Photos

Tumblr will already take just about any photo format and scale it to fit perfectly on your tumblelog. We’ve just upped the quality of those photos dramatically. We’re also now leaving GIF and PNG images in their original format.

Image quality

We heard you. Tumblr now does audio.

AudioPost up to one MP3 audio file per day. It will play back in a sleek Flash Audio Player. Nothing you don’t have permission to share, please.

Two major updates to Video

Tumblr used to recognize embed code from the major video sites and scaled it down to fit your theme. Tumblr will now take any video or Flash embed code and scale it down proportionally.

Tumblr + Vimeo

“Partnerships” and “collaborations” have become such a lame stereotype of corporate culture. For us, teaming up with the guys down the street at Vimeo wasn’t just a natural fit. We realized there was a chance to build something truly meaningful for both our users.

As of this morning, Vimeo users can connect their account to Tumblr. And for the first time ever, via phone or browser, Tumblr now takes Video Uploads. Our deepest thanks to Jakob Lodwick, Ted Roden, and the rest of the Vimeo Staff for making it happen.

Click to play

Lodwick adds, “This is the best thing to happen on the web in 2007.”


We’re REALLY excited about this.

Imagine using all of Tumblr’s posting tools to share and collaborate with a group of people. Imagine a hybrid of email, instant messaging, chat, and blogging.

ChannelsChannels are the perfect way to share things with a group of people. They’re private, archived, and feature all the power of Tumblr. Just name your channel, and invite friends, family, or colleagues to join. Once they join, they can invite people too.

You’ll see the “Channels” link right up next to “Dashboard” tab. When someone posts something new to one of your Channels, the icon will glow.

The obvious next step for Channels is the ability to open them up as public, multi-author tumblelogs. It’s in the works.


There are some new “Advanced options” when posting to Tumblr. One is an option to hide posts from other users. This is a great way to post things you want to keep, but don’t necessarily want to share.

Date posts

Another advanced option: Change the date and order of posts on your tumblelog. By default it’s set to “now”. Just type in the date or time (“yesterday 10am“, “5/10/2006“, etc.) and you’re good. No forward dating yet.

Advanced options

Tags … almost there

We’re about to start indexing all of the content on Tumblr. Aside from search, this will power lots of new functionality like browsing by tags.

In the meantime, we wanted to let you start adding these tags to your posts. They’re not visible or searchable in the Tumblr themes just yet. Though we did add one neat thing for any webheads that want to experiment:

The theme variable {TagsAsClasses} will output an HTML Class-attribute friendly string of the post’s tags. Example output might look like “office humor new_york_city”. In addition, we automatically insert the originating domain for imported posts. So it would be set to something like “twitter_com” or “digg_com“. You can use this tag to add special styling to posts based on their tags or feed.


The Settings screen has a new option to use Markdown syntax when editing posts. Markdown is a great HTML alternative for web writers.


The guys over at Projectionist just won’t stop. They recently added this unbelievably inspired Archive view to their tumblelog.

Projectionist archive

We’ve added a page to all Tumblr tumblelogs that generates a similar microfiche view of all your Tumblr posts. Just add “/archive” to your Tumblr URL. It’s a seriously cool way to see everything you’ve been doing.

Tumblr archive

New Themes

Tumblr now includes four new brilliant themes by the pixel-gurus Cameron Hunt and Bill Israel.

New themes

Have a theme you want to get included? Please send them over!

New Theme Tools

We’ve added a bunch of new tags to Tumblr’s theme engine to enable things like favicons, post titles in the page title, click-through photos, and more.

For information on customizing themes, check out their documentation.

Integrating Tumblr

The Tumblr API has been greatly expanded, and now includes JSON support.

We’ve also added a really neat tool: Your Extras page now has a line of Javascript code to embed your posts anywhere. The posts are easily styled with CSS, letting you incorporate your tumblelog on any web site. See an example on the front page of Fast Lane Daily.

Tumblr integrated

Since enabling the API, we’ve been seeing some very cool applications being built on Tumblr. Today, nearly 10% of all Tumblr posts are coming from apps built on Tumblr. If you have a Tumblr app or integration you’d like us to feature, please pass it along.

Jott One of our favorites we wanted to show you today: Jott lets you call up 1-866-JOTT-123 and leave a message to appear on your tumblelog as text, so you can finally post to Tumblr safely while driving. Just visit to get started.

Post via AIM (beta)

AIMThe TumblrBot is now live! AIM users, add TumblrBot to your buddy list for quick and easy posting to Tumblr.

Some other changes

  • Mobile posting now supports more carriers, and will accept text, photos, audio, and video (if you’ve set up Vimeo).
  • The Bookmarklet now supports Chat posts.
  • You can now be logged in simultaneously from more than one location.
  • After looking very carefully at Feed Importing on Tumblr (a feature which is very easily abused), we’ve made some adjustments: Accounts are limited to importing five feeds, but can request more. Because recycling entire posts was wreaking havoc on Google rankings and opening the door to too many copyright complaints, we’ve converted all “Import as Text w/ Title” feeds to “Link w/ Description” feeds. All imported posts are now truncated to 500 characters.
  • “404 Not Found” pages on tumblelogs now render your theme instead of the standard Tumblr error page.
  • The Tumblet Dashboard Widget now supports international characters. You can download and re-install it from the Extras page.
  • And a few hundred more tweaks and additions. Can you spot them all?

Okay, a couple things aren’t here today

Most obviously, something like comments.

This is an area we’re fascinated with. You’ve made it very clear that you’re not satisfied with comments, but not always satisfied without them.

We’re cooking something up. It’s taking some time, but we think it has the potential to be something hugely significant to the web. Thanks for your patience.

Now that said — It just got a lot easier to have comments on Tumblr if you’re comfortable editing your theme.

Go sign up with our friends over at Disqus, and add the code they give you somewhere in your theme, like this:

<div id=”disqus_thread”></div><script type=”text/javascript”

Lastly, some big news!

Last month, something huge happened at Davidville. Something totally exciting (and a little terrifying).

We shut down our services shop, changed our name to Tumblr, Inc., and went into business with some extraordinary people.

For the first time, our pride-and-joy is now our one-and-only. And 110% of our time gets to be spent making Tumblr the best it can be.

Welcoming on board:

  • Bijan Sabet
    Spark Capital. None of this would have come together without him.
  • Brad Burnham & Fred Wilson
    Union Square Ventures.
  • John Borthwick
    Former CEO of Fotolog.
  • Fred Seibert
    Producer of most of the cartoons you’ve seen on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. Founder of Next New Networks. Former president of Hanna-Barbera, and creative director of MTV Networks. My mentor.
  • Albert Wenger
    Former president of On the board of Etsy. Creator of Daily Lit.
  • Jakob Lodwick
    Founder of Vimeo and College Humor.
  • Michael Karp
    My dad.
  • Martin Varsavsky
    Too many accolades to list.

Of course, this would all be nowhere it weren’t for the 110,000 users that have taken Tumblr so much further than we ever imagined. It’s been a privilege building this with you, and we have some awesome things to come.

328 responses to “Third time’s a charm

  1. way to go, guys! Everything looks phenomenal thus far. Can’t wait to tinker.

    Oh! and good luck with the new business venture. I’ll still call you Davidville out of habit for the next little while though, I’m sure.

  2. Looks good, but hyped up way more than the new version delivers.

  3. Awesome work! Thanks!

  4. UNG UNG UNG!!! Tumblr is offline!
    New features DOES WANT!

  5. Well done.

  6. Yay! You guys are the best =)

  7. Please do NOT add comments. ;)

  8. Please let us access when we’re logged in. I keep getting sent to the dashboard.

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  10. Another thing… the Theme page seems way too far removed from the new design. The “custom HTML” box is also tiny and wraps your code.

    It would be better if it was split horizontally rather than vertically.

  11. I agree, Kurt. I liked my big editing box.

  12. Hey, thanks for the great product, and thanks for using my themes, they were a joy to make.

    I love Markdown, I love the new image library (seriously, now I can post images again), I love TagsAsClasses, I love the 404 display on custom theme.

    Great update, guys.

  13. Loving the archives page, the photo quality increase, the markdown, the API, and date posts. YAY! keep it rolling.
    Seems the next step should be bandwidth improvement as all Tumblr sites are currently down…
    Are there any plans to make Tumblr an app that could be installed on a remote server. So it didn’t rely on the tumble servers?

  14. Archive view is awesome. Offer an option to make that the default view for my tumblr site.

  15. Good stuff guys. Still playing with Tumblr and finding my nitch with it. I love the simplicity of it all. Keep up the good work.

  16. Good job guys! I think that a good idea would be to make comments available as an option.


  17. Wow…great. And now…experimentation!

  18. It’s back, it’s bad, it’s techo crack and it’s mad! Loving your work guys :)

  19. I haven’t been this excited for a web release in a long time. Woop woop. Congrats.

  20. I love the changes! good work!

  21. Guys. I am blown away. Amazing work. Tumblr has more new features than Leopard and they’re *way* more exciting!

    Marc :-)

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  23. Sweetness is my weakness.
    * initial favorite new features:
    1. higher quality images
    2. photos as links
    3. archives

    * initial least favorite feature:
    1. smaller custom theme editor (but it’s just as easy to copy/paste into Text Wrangler)
    2. lack of “comments” option – or the highly anticipated “anti-comments”

    When it comes down to it – this rules. I love Tumblr.

    Now if I can come up with a good way to use this as a crazy simple CMS for client sites…that would be tasty.

  24. congrats David and Marco. well done!!!

  25. Ok, I can’t figure out where to put this Disqus code so that it works. I signed up there, created my forum, got the code, added the {block:Permalink} opening & closing tags as show above… changed my theme to custom, & now have tried adding it in several places to no avail. Help!

    The upgrade is great, really, but the Only Thing I actually wanted was the ability to communicate with readers through some sort of post system.

  26. love all the changes but i must bring up once again… will tumblr ever support multiple accounts and improve the bookmarklet to support multiple accounts?

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  28. Awesome! Congrats, and great work! Can’t wait to dig in!

  29. Very impressive update, guys.

  30. I had my fingers crossed for audio posts! Thanks! and the archives is a great touch.

  31. New Version changed all my text into Italic. Theme is Fold. Don’t know why.

  32. Where did the radar page go?

  33. Holy crap, that’s a lot of updates. And it’s all so pretty! Congrats on everything!

  34. best ever audio player design!

  35. Looks awesome guys! For some reason I love the vimeo integration.

  36. For me the most exciting thing here is the Vimeo collaboration (although it’s all good), well it would be if vimeo worked properly!

    It was working fine but they recently updated it and now I cannot upload any videos. They don’t seem in a hurry to fix it either or even find out why it’s happening. It’s a real shame cos the site itself is awesome.

  37. Boy, this is good. Rock on, guys!

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  39. thank you!

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  41. This is awesome. Well worth the wait — although I do wish you guys hadn’t fallen off the face of the earth while you worked on it.

    It’d still be nice to have PHP integration, too, but I can live without it for now. So pretty!

  42. Outstanding!

    I’ve only been using tumblr regularly for about a month, but this goes to show that I definitely made the right choice for a blogging tool.

    You’ve taken something amazing and made it even better. Thanks very much! I look forward to growing with Tumblr!

  43. Archive looks really great.

    One thing: the “insert link” option in descriptions doesn’t work anymore. Creating links is only possible with HTML Editor, which is quite time consuming.

  44. Looks fantastic – and I LOVE the archive view but please, please please can you give us an option to remove the ugly white on black description text over the photos in archive?

    I would think it would look better if there was no text there, and that it only showed up when you rolled over it.

    Not a show stopper – but something I’d love see happen.

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  45. Brilliant update, the archive view rocks!

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  47. wonderland tumblr :)

  48. Stunning stuff. Absolutely stunning. Very happy about the new archives display page and the markdown editing. (One thing: I’ve been playing with Markdown in Tumblr, and there are a few styles like Blockquotes and Smartypants characters that don’t quite work well. Just something to look into, I guess.) Oh, and I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’ll pay for some of this stuff, so come out with a pricing model, okay?

  49. You guys have outdone yourselves. The new design and feature set is AMAZING!

  50. RSS for my tumblelog is broken:

    Is this just growing pains from getting pounded with today’s launch?

    By the way: fantastic work, stellar upgrades and new features.

  51. David,

    This is all AWESOME!!!! One thought — shouldn’t this great explanation of the new features be easily accessible to people on Tumblr? Only by going to your blog was I able to find a point-by-point guide to the new features.

    Anyway… just carping (get it!?! It’s a PUN!)… it’s a great new version.


  52. Fold is working again after I removed Italic from Description.

    Thank you for your work.

  53. I’ve gotta say… I’m disappointed. I love my tumblr site. Love it. Update it constantly. But I’m not a web designer, and most of these updates are for people more web-authoring-savvy than I am.

    Comments: I know some people are against comments. I’ve read the arguments, I see both sides’ points, it’s a tough thing to solve universally. But that doesn’t mean you can’t make it an optional thing. Let us say yes or no for each post if you want. I think most people who use tumblr as their sole blog want comments, “casual bloggers.” And this Disqus thing isn’t easy at all, in fact it’s incomprehensible if you don’t know HTML, which I don’t. I just tried to get it working, as I have with similar 3rd party commenting systems in the past, and again failed, just as Laura above did.

    And I’m sorry, have you fully removed my ability to only see my own posts in the Dashboard? I don’t understand what reasoning went into that decision. I follow a lot of people, so I’m now unable to find my own posts to edit them without clicking Back a thousand times.

    How about automatic crediting of reblogs? No? Because that’s been a pain for a while. And tracking of reblogs, so you know who’s using your posts? That would be great, too.

    There’s a note in Settings, which was there in 2.0 also, called “Promote in the Tumblr Directory.” Can you please explain where this directory is? I’d love to be able to check out other tumblogs, but I can’t because you have to know about them yourself to find them or bump into them accidentally.

    I’m sure these updates are good for somebody, but not really for me. Please, please please address some of this other stuff!

  54. It’s amazing! Thank you a lot!

  55. this is a wonderful thing to get home from work to find.

  56. oh my,
    i’m not emo
    just a little bit beered up
    but this post made me cry
    just a little bit

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  59. {block:Permalink} doesn’t work properly now….

  60. “{block:Permalink}” doesn’t work :(

  61. Damn good work guys. That’s a lot of new toys.

    But (and you knew that there would be a but, didn’t you?) a lot of this stuff I doubt that I will find useful. I’ll play with it, but. (Of course, just because I don’t like it, doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good idea.)

    * I agree with the poster above that points out that they are now forced to see others’ posts in their dashboard. Even more reason for me not to “freind” people now.

    * Channels. Certainly going to play with this, but I am not going to be using it to share private stuff with people. Because those people do not want to be invited to register with yet another web site. This is not an original feature: it’s just like LJ, Flickr, WordPress …

    Seriously, though, well done. Don’t take the impression from this that I’m not a fan, because I am. It’s *because* I love Tumblr that I say these things…

  62. You guys made linking fun again. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Sorry to gush :)

  63. Same problem for me : Permalink block doesn’t work…

  64. On two separate tumblr pages the RSS is broken giving an error stating that the following

    Sorry, you do not have permission to access this page.

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  66. I’m super excited about embedding my tumblr into my website. It’s just what I need!

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  68. the update kinda sucks if you cant update anymore

    i can access my dashboard but after
    posting i get
    “Sorry, you do not have permission to access this page.”
    thats a bug

  69. Congratulations on the new version of Tumblr!

    Thanks for all your time and effect in building such an awesome app and getting me hooked on blogging.

  70. in /custom_themes you mention:
    {block:Text} {/block:Text} in the Posts section.
    this does not exist. it is still block:Regular.

    {TagsAsClasses} does not work too, at least not in Posts section. It works in singular sections (text, photo, link, ecc.), but this way we have to copy-paste the same code in every singular markup. Even if i don’t understand this implementation of tags: no links, no categories, nothing.

    I was expecting an xp version of tumblet, mut nothing.

  71. Hi, great jobs, I love Tumblr!

    Everything’s ok, except for a little bug on the new theme “Dashed”.

    At the end of the definition of the style, the commento for IE should be inserted before not after (otherwise on IE at the top of the theme you’ll see the css def)

    I changed it and now Dashed looks GREAT.

    thanks for you job!

  72. Well done to all involved!

    You guys have one of the sexiest, most useful, most fun, most polished, most usable, most reliable, most aceist web apps on the whole world wide web, and should be bloody chuffed with yourselves!

    In a week where one of my other favourite webapps (Newshutch) announces they’re shutting down, it’s nice to see you heading in the other direction.

    One thing though – in the future don’t just leave us hanging there with no updates on your blog for months on end. Sheesh!!!

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  74. I was really excited what the new features will be on tumblr 3.0 and at first sight, when I saw the updated dashboard and everything today, I thought “mh.. not so good at all…” but after clicking through the sections and things and reading the stuff here I’m happy and LOVE the new thing! especially the fact that there ISN’T any comment function yet!

    keep it up, you did a great job!

  75. Thank you for all your hard work and for incorporating so many great features into the new release.

    Much respect.

  76. 1. I still can’t post.

    2. The link on the right of this blog doesn’t work:

  77. I have to agree with a few commentors above, what happened to being able to disable displaying friend’s posts on your dashboard? I don’t like not being able to not find my posts.

  78. Oh, and here’s hoping that Bobby Andersen’s job at Apple is making the Leopard Dock less pants!

  79. Besides that, great job! I love all of the changes!

  80. Oh, and I promise this is my last comment, but one more thing:

    I’d love to try out the new themes, but would like to be able to switch back to my custom theme if I decide to stick with it. It would be great if this was possible, but selecting another theme warns me that all my custom settings will be lost.

  81. If you want to try other themes you can just copy your current theme into notepad then pasteback it in afterward, although it would be nice to have an option to save it.

    Maybe if there was a custom theme section where you could save 5 custom themes permanently. They’re just bit of text :)

  82. Congrats. great job.

  83. Thanks for all the quick feedback, everyone! We’re patching bugs as you find them. So if you see anything acting funny, please let us know.

    Here’s a quick update:

    * Themes are now correctly including all the new tags (including {block:Permalink}, {TagsAsClasses}, and more)

    * Some issues with the Rich Text Editor are surfacing for Safari users. We’re buttoning this up as quickly as we can.

    * RSS feeds were offline for the last hour for some necessary optimizations. Our apologies for any inconvenience this caused.

  84. Nice work on the new version. I see there are a few kinks to be worked out. I have one suggestion that hasn’t been made.

    It would be nice to be able to reblog one of your own posts (or anyone’s) to a channel. Maybe this makes more sense for public channels?

  85. GREAT JOB!
    I really love the /archive feature a lot.

  86. Loved the look.

    I do miss the old links on the top right of the “dashboard” column.

    I like that I can click to “log out”, “back to my tumblelog”. it disappeared in 3.0 version.

    It took a while for me to get used to it to “find” those links. I can go back on the link “post to my tumblelog” top of the dashboard.

    I have to click on “Account” tab to log out. It would be faster if it’s on the dashboard instead in “Account” tab.

    I agree with previous comments that there should be an option for us to hide other posts.

    So far, love it. It’s hard to integrate the comments. It looks like I have to copy the new themes and custom-theme it again to enable the block:permalinks to work with the comments?

  87. thanks!
    {block:Permalink} now is rendered properly, but somehow the comments block from Disqus still doesn’t show up. I checked the source code and they are there but just not showing up on webpage. Do I need to some other things for this to work?

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  89. 3.0 is amazing.

    Also, the disqus comment integration works like a charm. For anyone with issues still, just put the permalink block right after {/block:Posts}. The comment area should show up on individual posts as soon as they are loaded.

    “And a few hundred more tweaks and additions. Can you spot them all?”

    Trying! :)

  90. I like the archive feature. Feature request: could you have the archive display private posts when logged in? I just made some posts private, and the only way I appear to be able to find them is by paging through the dashboard, which is pretty tedious.

    Looking forward to your comments-but-not-really-comments feature.

  91. I LOVE it ! Thanks for the great job.This is awesome so many great features, i am happy about the new archives. Great :-)

  92. Very excited that y’all are going full-time with Tumblr! Congrats.

    I’ve been itching to blog for years but it has been too intimidating to get into and, since having three children in less than three years, my time for blogging is very little. I have needed to be able to throw things up there quickly with as little diddling as possible. Tumblr has made it possible for me to keep up with a personal blog. Thank you!

    Tumblr 3.0 is wonderful. Keep up the great, and thoughtful, work. I for one would rather have you do things carefully and tastefully (like comments) rather than quickly. Tumblr is magically simple… No feature is worth losing that.

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  95. love the changes and the look of v3.0

    keep up the good work


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  97. The features sound amazing while remaining consistent with the spirit of tumblelogs and Tumblr.

    Goin’ in …

  98. Just wanted to get in on the love fest! I’m really psyched about all the additions and improvements. Tumblr has been an extremely rewarding experience for me.

    @Pixel Kid: Sorry your issue has not been resolved yet, but it is a very particular bug that does not seem to affect other people with your same configuration. To say we’re “in no hurry to fix it” is false when the developers are constantly inspecting and improving on the code in an attempt to get it as close to perfect as possible.

    Keep trying, because like I said, the code is being improved every day.

  99. Love it, especially the changes to the way followers are displayed, and the archive function is nifty as well.

    But yes, please bring back the radar. It was pretty much the only way we could see what was going on around on. Unless you’re concerned about content filtering and the like ..

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  101. Can you provide the css style for the archive template? I’d really love to use something similar for my default theme.

  102. Awesome update but what happened to /radar?

  103. I still can’t make Disqus comment work…..

  104. The delete posts (at least for photo posts) don’t seem to be working.

  105. Thanks for the great work, guys!

    Greetings from Japan.

  106. Everything is great! Except I can’t get Disqus to work, I can’t delete posts and posts aren’t showing up in IE.
    Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

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  108. Well, I now have comments in Disqus, but it’s not exactly what I was expecting. The comment availability & posted comments are only visible if you click on the permalink, which I think people are unlikely to do. If there’s another way to have them appear on the main page at the bottom of the posts, I’d appreciate it if anyone could post the info here… thanks :)

  109. Laura, If you want comments both on the home page (and the permalink page) just take the comment code out of the block:Permalink block. You could place it in the block:Posts block and it should be displayed after each post.

  110. If comments don’t work, select “Javascript code snippet” in the “Step 1. Create a new forum” page on Disqus site, and use that code.

  111. This is pretty awesome stuff. Great job folks. Oh, and ATOM, hAtom, OpenID and OAuth should also be on your TODO list. ;)

  112. I third the “can’t delete posts” observation. You can make them private in the meantime, but that leaves your dashboard looking a little messy.

  113. For anyone having problems with Disqus on tumblr, we just put up a new integration page that details the entire (short) process.

    It’s located at

    If anything comes up, just send us an email:

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  115. well done! The new features are great. Wish you luck with the future of tumblr

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  117. I hope it’s not so slow as it use to be

  118. (First glance before I found your blog explanation)

    1) How many people perpetually login to the sign up form? (“Me..” Hand up sheepish look on face)

    2) How do you logout? Oh instead of simplifying it you ADDED and EXTRA STEP. Nice.

    3) Where is the explanation of the new “channels” button. Oh, I am expected to intuitively know, oh I am supposed to comb the internet for an explanation, how convenient. (Now that I created a channel it leads me to tumblr sign up page to make a blog very confusing thankfully I only invited one friend.)

    4) (Biggest peave) Where is that cool little flower logo? Is this the prep for the sale? Like painting your house beige and removing the furniture so it will sell?

    5) Read this quote from the help file:

    “Where can I see some tumblelogs in action? Check out the “Featured tumblelogs” on the Tumblr home-page to see how some people are using their tumblelogs.”

    Ahhh..there not there any more, might want to update the help when you publish changes ya’ think?

    Here is what I am stoked about:
    • Date posts/hide
    • Archives
    • Audio

    Stoked about tagging, but that channel deal is unclear. What did happen to the radar beta? The Japanese porn bog it down?

  119. Thanks for the update, guys! Looks great!
    Love the archive page…

  120. “What did happen to the radar beta? The Japanese porn bog it down?” … lmao

  121. a channel feature is a great way to collect and organize information about an event or a movement.

    drag and sort of each post would be a neat feature.

    I can drag each post in the order I prefer. It can be a great benefit to students who need help organize various bits of information.

    think of on steriods.

    re: daniel of disqus….looking forward to using your web app.

  122. This is fantastic news. Tumblr is and has been best of breed of the tools out there, but the total silence for so long has been really worrisome — I was afraid it was going to go away.

    PLEASE keep talking to us users about what’s going on in future, if you can!

    And thanks for the service. It really is good, and I’ve used ’em all over the years.

  123. I like the channel concept just not the execution. I see the idea- instead of authoring multiple tumblogs you just add channels. I love that.

    Glad to entertain SM45. Instead of porn elves you have porn Asians.

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  125. I love the new additions. Any chance in the future of allowing us to customize the layout of the archive page?

    I hate the fact that the archive page looks nothing like the rest of my site.

    A link back to the index page at the top of the archive page would be handy as well.

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  127. I did all the indications for comments integration and Its not working at all. Very frustrating…

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  129. THANK YOU DAVID. You make the web fun again. Tumblr is my favorite user generated content site since youtube (as much as people shit all over it, there’s good quality if you look in the right places) and now you’re changing that too! Amazing.

    When you go public, let us know… also – a Pro Tumblr would be a Godsend for things like opening up the width, removing ads (which have to be coming, right?) and file storage. I thought Pownce was cool conceptually, but Tumblr has follow through and has enhanced my life dramatically – fuck social networks.

  130. One thing that makes Tumblr HARDER to use is the loss of the option to not have your friends posts on the dashboard.

    It was enough of a pain before to go looking for old posts in the dashboard – now it’s like a form of torture.

    Please, please, please let me turn off my friends posts – otherwise I’m going to have to just delete all my friends.


  131. Also, the text on the buttons for ‘dashboard’, ‘follow’ and ‘reblog’, doesn’t come out very clear and tidy in Firefox on PC – a little bit rough for a pro site.

    I see you have a bundle of Macs in the office, I don’t blame you… but, er, you gotta check everything on PCs

  132. Thanks for a great post.

  133. I absolutely love what you have done! Great work! keep it up!

  134. ————————————————————

    This code is NOT friendly, Now my site loading slowly……

  135. ————————————————————

    This code is NOT friendly, Now my site loading slowly……

  136. The iframe code is NOT friendly, Now my site loading slowly……

  137. drywontonmee said “Please, please, please let me turn off my friends posts – otherwise I’m going to have to just delete all my friends.”

    I second that motion.

  138. Yeah scrolling down several pages to find your last post is a pain in the sitter. You want to force other people into the dashboard? Hmmmn…meh.

    Please someone explain how channels work? I made one, I sent an email inviting myself and it took me to the sign up page. Nada no channel. I cannot invite people to a channel they cannot view. Someone?

  139. I don’t want to spoil everybody’s fun, but I really miss the simplicity of the v2 dashboard.

    As other people already mentioned: I’m kind of forced to delete all my friends, if I just want to see my own posts.
    And “log out” is hidden in the account menu now, that seems a bit odd.

    Bigger issue: inserting links or images in body text or descriptions is not possible anymore. The actual insert button has disappeared out of the box. The alternative is working in the HTML source editor and creating links yourself, which is quite time consuming.

    Working on your template is no fun either, the small screen makes the text close to unreadable.

    O, and just one other thing: why did we lose Tumblr radar? How am I supposed to find other great [or not so great] Tumblr’s now?

  140. Awesome as ever david!

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  142. hmmm, the javacript for embedding tumblr into other sites isn’t working for me: it displays the first page of posts, but no ‘archive’ link, no ‘rss’ link, and, worst of all, no ‘next’ link, so one page is all visitors can see… : (

  143. Second thoughts (like first thoughts, only …second):

    * The interface is not as good. I have to click more times to do the same stuff; things that I could see without clicking are now hidden behind clicks. Don’t get me wrong, it’s prettier — but less functional.

    * If channels had a web page and an RSS feed then they would be mucho useful. But not for collaberation. No-one wants yet another invite to join yet another web product that they would not use otherwise.

    * “private posts” are redundant; it makes more sense to create a channel and not invite anyone.

    * The teeny-tiny editors for description and template suck.

    * I love the archive with mad abandon — that will do nicely as a search tool. Plus, I gather that I can solve the post title thing, so Technorati can play? I’ll fiddle with this soon.

    * Not wild about the fact that the interpreting of line feeds has changed in the description box — but that’s my problem.

    * Everything else rocks.

  144. I’ve translated this entry into Japanese. Let me know if any roblem.

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  147. “I don’t want to spoil everybody’s fun, but I really miss the simplicity of the v2 dashboard.”

    … The the v2 dashboard made tumblr for me.

    and I agree … “No-one wants yet another invite to join yet another web product that they would not use otherwise.

    While improvements to image quality and such are great, most of the other stuff is just gimmicky. I guess is if you care about doing stuff from your iphone the new layout is useful, but the rest of us should be able to switch to the old far more friendly view if we wish.

  148. Technical question: which library are you using for resizing? Is this a switch from GD to ImageMagick or something?

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  150. Love, love, love most of the new features. The archive rocks, audio has potential, and I’m digging the new dashboard look and feel.

    That said, I totally agree the above comments with respect to not being able to disable displaying friend’s posts on your dashboard. I’m totally lost now, when it comes to finding previous posts I’ve written.

  151. Just wanted to let you know that the WordPress vs Tumblr post link leads to a 404 page- I think it’s supposed to be 02/23 in the post slug instrad of 02/25…

  152. love the new features. our communal tumblr just added the ability to comment using the recommended Disqus service. seems to be working fine!

    thanks for the continued improvement of tumblr!

    i noticed that the description section now says HTML or widgets.. curious to know what widgets others have found useful for their tumblrs?

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  156. Great UI makes me happy. Keep kickin ass — and I’m still awaiting your Comments revolution.

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  159. Oh no the archives broke :(

  160. When I add my Flickr RSS stream as a photos feed, it shows up as links w/ descriptions. I’ve readded it several times. Same with my Google Reader feed I added as just links–it insists on links w/ descriptions. ??

  161. Thanks guys. Looks like a lot of work went into the new version. Everything looks great and we all appreciate it. Keep in touch!

  162. I’m loving all the new features, this is spot on. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the comment solution.

    One downside, though it might just be due to the enormous influx of traffic you’re getting right now, but using tumblr at the moment is pretty hard work due to all the server time-outs. Every time I go to post something or renew something or whatever, I get the ‘tumblr is undergoing maintenance’ message.

    Are you guys going to be migrating to better servers anytime soon? Do you expect the service to be smoother in the future? Are you ready for the huge numbers of people who are going to be using tumblr?

  163. I love that you hooked up with Jakob on Vimeo. Tumblr’s my new baby. Keep it up guys!

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  167. Well, it all looks nice, but since the upgrade yesterday, I can’t make any changes. New posts are blocked as is editing of any old posts. Upgrades can be rough, but since support has been completely non-responsive, I can’t tell if I’m floating alone or one of thousands stuck with a dead tumbleblog. Bummer.

  168. Well, since everyone has already voiced the issues about not being able to shut off those folks you are following in the Dashboard, having to click more times to do simple tasks, the teeny-tiny custom HTML edit window in the Theme pane, and even that the service doesn’t seem to be working very well … I’m glad I won’t have to say anything about those things (and other issues).

    I’m really happy to see that I’m not alone with the fact that my tumblog is down, that I can’t post, that my feeds aren’t working, that there is no response from support … whew. I thought I was floating out there … but I guess there are many, many, many, many of us with the same issues.

    2.0 looks real good right now. :-)

  169. Still, so far so great. Having difficulties with my feeds no showing up …. no biggy.
    I’m with you guys, NOT interested in Comments enabling .

  170. I fully expected “channels” to be another section of the site where the content you posted or reblogged to that channel would show up as something like

    Instead, unless I am missing something completely (likely), all I have is a “channel” within my dashboard. I thought I would be able to invite people to a channel that they could invite others to view that would be a domain level “web page” and that visitors would be able to invite other new, probably non tumblrs (and non web publishers or social 2 point anythingers) and they’d tell two (or more) friends and so on and so on, etc.

    Am I mistaken (and happy) about this? Is there a domain output of this? If not, can it be considered?

  171. Is ‘Tumblr’ down or can I just never get access to my dock?

    It’s not just slow,…it’s not even loading a page.
    This is weird, I’m a big ‘WordPress’ fan and just can’t seem to understand why things won’t load proper or fast.

    Other than that, Great updates, looks awesome.

  172. Working in HTML was simple as pie in v2, but in v3 it’s currently a bit miserable – for some reason it keeps inserting invisible line breaks so, I woke up this morning and yesterday’s post had extra space between lines with single line breaks. Some weird glitch there…

    I miss the old HTML pop up that updated the normal preview, so you could use both to work on a post. This seems to be going in a more restrictive direction despite the addition of mark up. That is ‘choose your method and stick with it’.

    Now, it seems I’ve got to learn a whole new system to post my desired structure. I’ve never heard of mark up. I’m sure it’s fab, but I just think, ‘please no more life-wastage becoming more of a geek than I already am’.


  173. I like what I see. There are things that have been said over and over here that need work… too many clicks, tiny theme html window, and so on. The video upload worked great from my cell after I confiugred my Vimeo account. The only real issues I have are the page timeouts and I get the “..undergoing maintenance…” a lot when I try to hit my dashboard. Upgrades don’t always go smooth, so I’m not too worried and as far as support not jumping on issues, they are probably just trying to get the main system back and fully running before they address individual issues.

  174. Liking what I see in v3, so far. Looking forward to getting up to speed with all these shiny bells and whistles.

    I do, however, miss the coding safety net of the “Show Preview” button in the Add Description pane. Guess I’ll have to get better at it.

    Great job, folks! Thanks for the hard work!

  175. Judging by the rest of the reactions to this post it looks like I may be alone, but the limitations you’ve decided to place on RSS importing has pretty much ruined my whole day.

    The reason I loved Tumblr was that I could blog without doing… anything. I (almost) never post to Tumblr directly. If I want to blog a photo, I’ll upload it to Flickr so my photo-loving friends will see it. If I want to blog a video, I’ll upload it to YouTube where my YouTube friends will see it. If I want to write a post about a band I discovered, I’ll write it in my journal on so my music-loving friends can read it. If I want to review a game, I’ll do it at Gamespot. Product announcement? Company blog. Getting married? Facebook.

    Tumblr was where all my activity across the web came together. When I paste a snippet of code on for safekeeping, or vote for a story at Digg, it blogs itself.

    I’m not going to post “Hey guys guess what I wrote this clever line of Ruby!” five times a day.

    Wasn’t this usage the whole idea behind tumblogging in the first place?

    I tried to wait for my head to cool before commenting, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. I’m sorry; I’m not trying to be rude, I’m really not. But I am incredibly disappointed.

    You came up with an idea with incredible potential, constructed an implementation I’ve been enjoying daily for many months, had me on the edge of my seat waiting for November 1st, and in that one fateful night completely fucked the whole thing up.

    I’m going to have to invest at least a week of full-time RoR development, just to get back to where I was yesterday. This really sucks.

  176. Logan, I agree. A fairly easy solution is to use Yahoo! Pipes to combine multiple RSS feeds into one uber feed and plug that into Tumblr. Not the most elegant solution, but it works.

    Is it me or has Tumblr been down for most of the day?

  177. Nope, it’s been down all day. Even tumblelogs were down for a while, though the maintenance page claims otherwise.

    The problem with combining everything into one feed is that there’s no way to take advantage of the new {TagsAsClasses} feature, which is something I’ve been waiting a long time for.

    Also, if everything is combined into one feed with Pipes… why use Tumblr at all? It’s not like it adds user interaction, or anything else a feedreader doesn’t have ;-) (yet anyway)

  178. well ok, but it shur is purdy ;)

    i’m not a technical guy. not sure i understand the tags thing, but hopefully they’ll address your issue in a future release. tumbl on.

  179. Great release. I’m a newbie and I’m in love of the Tumblr platform.
    Four remarks to make your product better:
    – For my purpose, comments are really important, making them optional would let everybody happy
    – Hide others posts in the dashboard to focus on our content (which I don’t understand why it has been removed)
    – Search through our content
    – Export/archive our content (download in XML format)

  180. Oh yay, the dashboard is back up.

  181. WTF?! It’s getting worse. Now I can only post titles. No body text, no links, nothing. Great.

    Damn, do I miss Tumblr 2.0. And I’ve seen that some of my contacts already made the move to Not good.

  182. ok, now… why everything is so f***ing slow?

  183. But there isn’t a feature that put in my Dashboard more posts per pages ?

  184. TODA

    good work !!!

  185. Sorry so much weekend work for you chaps, fixing glitches and things.

    I’ve done a bit of a search and can’t find a good summary of why there is such an anti-comments movement. I think I missed the memo on this one.

    Can someone point me somewhere where there is such a good summary of why comments are evil? Better still, just tell me.

    Just thought it might distract from upgrade-stress.


  186. i’m not against comments at all – the option to turn them on or off would be good.

    plus an option to import from other sources would be nice…

  187. Yes very much, Logan. I’m there too.

    The handling of the feeds is driving me nuts. My Twitters are coming in as links with descriptions now … which pretty much makes no sense since there’s only one line of copy. So I have the same line of copy for a headline (link) as well as the description underneath.


    And now things aren’t working again.

    Tumblr people: You have all of our email addresses. How about sending out an update as to what’s going on since there is really no way to communicate to your users on your website since half the time it isn’t working now either.

    Soup is starting to look pretty good.

  188. Sending out a mass email takes resources. The site is probably up and down because of high resource usage along with live fixes. Let them work on it and just post here. One good idea might be to create a tumblr “bug list” channel. If anyone wants an invite to mine, add me and / or contact me.

  189. Quick, somebody sacrifice a baby to Satan so we can resurrect the site!

  190. Hi There,

    Look I really love this new version, but I have lots of difficulties to access tumblr, do you have any problems right now with some of your servers ?…

  191. Hi! I have a lot of problems since update too. I hope they´ll fix soon, i was having fun playing with the new features ^_^

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  193. i already emailed about the amazing twitter feed being imported as links (??????) and, i’m sorry to say, the usual as happened: no answer.

    at least you should keep your users up to date about what is happening. i did open a soup account, and i will surely miss all the things i had going on with tumblr. the service was great, i loved using it. but the lack of any kind of support is driving me away.

    it’s great that we now have 400 new features to play with. but could you keep the original ones, the ones we already loved, working ?

  194. Reading all the bile and frustration in the comments, I felt I had to add a bit to counterbalance it. Being a web app developer myself, I’ve been there, and I know how it is to deploy a much-anticipated update and have it go bad. What the users are currently feeling is NOTHING to what the developers are currently feeling.

    Calm down, people. Give the devs some time to straighten things out. I, for one, applaud their desire to improve tumblr, and I have full confidence in them. Yeah, in the meantime, my blog is down. I can live with that. I’ve got RL hobbies I can fall back on until things are working again. Life goes on! :)

  195. My site has been down for hours is it going to be back up anytime soon? The limiting feeds, the theme editor becoming clunky and virtually useless, /radar disappearing, the 6 month hiatus and the fact that the only user interaction with your customers is through a wordpress blog on a non-tumblr domain, is making me consider moving my site somewhere else.

    I think a better approach would be to slowly release new features like tags and channels when they’re completed and not trying to rush 400 new things out at once and then leaving.

  196. Right on Jamis. God bless Tumblr, Inc! We know you are doing what you can to get our blogs back up! Thanks for the new Tumblr!!

  197. Oh dear, come on…

    of course most none-sociopaths would be willing on the development team. Sheesh. The only reason everyone is here is because they did such a bloody brilliant job in the first place.

    That’s why we care about it. Otherwise we wouldn’t give feedback. I mean, otherwise, who could be arsed.

    We care, we are grateful, we are hoping for the best, we understand the difficulties, but if nobody pointed out the emperor’s slipper had a thread loose, then pretty soon he would be naked.

    drift. got?

  198. Am I the only one that’s not having any trouble so far with site uptime? Maybe I’m just lucky. That being said, Shawn, I’d love an invite to your bug channel. I’ve been looking to play with channels anyways. =)

  199. I agree fully with Jamis.

    This is no small feat, converting an application with over 100,000 users and almost 20 million posts.

    Patience is the order of the day, folks. If you have difficulty finding any, just remember how much you’re paying for the service.

    Keep up the good work, Tumblr Inc, and here’s hoping you’re getting at least *some* opportunities for rest amidst these tribulations.

  200. Oh, ok then, so sorry.

    no more feedback required then?


    good luck.

  201. All I really want is 2.0, plus tags, comments, and some–any–level of support. Posting complaints to some guy’s blog (that can go without being updated for most of a year) is hardly the level of interaction I want when I have a problem, and having to read other people’s comments to figure out when there’s a service interruption isn’t useful.

  202. It’s really really slow, it takes between 5 and 10 minutes to make a post. I get connection resets, when I upload a photo I have to “Browse” twice until it’s added. Sometimes the archives work and sometimes not. :( I’d rather have 2.0 with less features but a much better usability. I hope it’s just a problem for the first few 3.0 days.

  203. it’s welcome aboard

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  205. Hi folks!

    My tumblelog has come back to life, but i´m getting some error messages in the dashboard (changes on theme or writing posts).

  206. I uploaded my first audio file (mp3). In the dashboard everything is ok and I can listen to it, but I can see nothing in my tumblr. Of course it’s me to make a mistake, but what mistake? Do you have a clue?

    Thank you

  207. “Patience is the order of the day, folks. If you have difficulty finding any, just remember how much you’re paying for the service.”

    Come on. Tumblr is valued at $3 million. The users produce the content that makes or breaks Tumblr.

    So let’s forget the it’s-free-so-shut-up argument. We are talking big business here.

  208. Please implement some kind of way in which you [tumblr] can interact with the user. I don’t think in cutting it. How about one of those forum things. Or some way of updating the user of the progress tumblr is making. How about a tumblr twitter or google group or even vimeo video of the office craziness. There are plenty of ways that one can get a message out to the user. Please pick one.

    Don’t make me switch to Soup.

  209. Pros
    -Beter quality photos
    -Vimeo integration sounds good
    -Larger photos of friends/followers

    -A lot of the new things not working yet
    -You can’t hide your friends’ posts on the Dashboard
    -The HTML editor is pathetic. I haven’t seen frames in a long time.

    -Automatic crediting for a reblog seems like a basic addition. Moreso with the new HTML editor’s tiny pane.

    On a more general note, something went badly wrong. I have no doubt that people are working their asses off right now, but still…I have faith and if I didn’t like Tumblr so much, I wouldn’t care.

    And I’m not sure about the concentration on the iPhone. I know they’re pretty sweet and I don’t doubt the site will look great on them, but I don’t have one and neither do the vast majority of users. What’s with that? When I signed up, I didn’t realise it was an iPhone-user site.

    The ‘Help’ documentation is out of date following the updates and a lack of any guidance actually on Tumblr was a mistake.

    I understand the service is free and I completely appreciate (and love) that fact. But there probably wouldn’t still be a Tumblr (and definitely not the recent corporate changes) without its users. And you have to keep the users happy.

    Anyway, good luck. Like I said, I have faith. Keep working on it and I’ll check back in a few days.

  210. i believe the twitter feed issue has been solved.
    tried again and it’s now importing as text without titles.

    thanks for listening.

  211. As a fellow web developer, I understand. I’ve been there…

    But still, a measure of a developer effort is release stability…

    Are users of a free service “owed” anything? No, of course not. But paying customers, non-paying customers and potential future paying customers , that are the base (and content) of Tumblr will flee if not their “happiness” is not attended to. Griping and whining aside, maintaining even a simple tumblelog takes the dedication of time and effort— all that production and effort that ultimately Davidville is striving to cash in.

    Reading all the bile and frustration in the comments, I felt I had to add a bit to counterbalance it. Being a web app developer myself, I’ve been there, and I know how it is to deploy a much-anticipated update and have it go bad. What the users are currently feeling is NOTHING to what the developers are currently feeling.

    Calm down, people. Give the devs some time to straighten things out. I, for one, applaud their desire to improve tumblr, and I have full confidence in them. Yeah, in the meantime, my blog is down. I can live with that. I’ve got RL hobbies I can fall back on until things are working again. Life goes on! :)

  212. On second look, the save custom theme seems to work , it just returns an error page when clicking “save”…

    …and pages are coming up snappily now…

  213. Amazing update and good work! Would it be possible to see if we can save drafts in the future?

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  215. Hi!

    Now i have only problems with Custom Theme (error message when try to save), other thinks seems to work fine (posting, feeds, etc).

    In the text message input disappeared the option to include photo, why?


  216. Hi,

    I sent an email to you guys and you suggested I list my suggestions here, so here they are:

    1. Making text posts via email (desktop or mobile) seem not to observe “line breaks”. I formatted the email pretty nicely with linebreaks but after processed it, all the text are mashed together. It kinda defeats my perceived purpose of using it as a “mobile blogging” platform.

    2. Can you put a “ping services” option somewhere on our dashboard or Option settings? I’d really like to ping some blog services automatically once the posts are made so that my friends (and potential visitors) will know I’ve updated. Since I plan to be using the tumblelog (can we shorten it to “tlog”?) as a mobile platform, I won’t be at a PC to manually ping the various services to inform them of my updates.

    Yeah that’s only 2 out of the 4 I sent. I realised the other 2 were already implemented :)

  217. Twitter feeds import correctly, Yay!

    Archive still down, Boo!

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  219. Not sure if this has been mentioned already, but now links seem to open in the same window and there is no way to set this differently, as it used to be. Or, am I missing something?

  220. If anyone has any idea why my posts show up in Firefox and not IE, clue me in?
    I’m almost ready to scrap this. Just want some help.

  221. How the heck is all this shite working for you guys? I haven’t been able to post *anything* for the last 4 days.

  222. Pingback: Tumblr 3.0 —

  223. When I log in, I get an error saying “Email or password is incorrect :-(” Note that I never got email activation, and it isn’t in my spam folder. It says that my email is in the account settings. I did the “Lost Password?” thing, no email for that either.


    I am positive that I have my information right.

  224. …is the javascript for embedding going to be working any time soon? so far it imports the content, but not the css… :(

  225. Why can’t I insert pictures in Text posts now?

  226. I’m organizing the comments on this page for the convenience of the tumblr guys. I’ll keep updating it.

    Comments welcome.

  227. Archives works again now for me but the boxes are still not aligning properly with the month names.

    For example posts for November span over four box rows now instead of just one as it is suppose to. It look really screwed up. I’ve tested it on Firefox 2, IE7 and Opera 9.50 and out of those Opera is the only browser that renders the archives correctly.

  228. Yeah, ralitza, I just noticed that the option to have all links open in a new window has gone. This is another new pain as I have to insert the target=”_blank” manually into all links. WTF?

    Why remove that? I don’t understand. This is again making it harder to exercise control over your own tumblr.

  229. I gave up.

    Tumblr was great as long as it lasted.
    But I think I better start getting my photoblog back online again.

  230. i feel for you guys. videos won’t show up

    I tried creating a new post…no luck.

    tried to use Quicktime embed code, no luck.

    Flash embed, no luck.

  231. Still unable to find out real explanation of “Channels” I have tried to send emails to invite and they don’t seem to resolve. I once saw a little #1 next to a channel I authored, but now it is gone. Come on where can I get some info on this?

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  234. Most people seem to be able to post. I just asked a friend in a different part of SF and he’s able to post. But it’s not anything on my laptop. I tried a pristine firefox profile, I tried IE, I even tried creating a new account without my custom CSS. I can’t post new tumblers anyway I try.

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  238. I love all the new features and the new look, but I can’t upload photos from my phonecam.

    I get the captions but not the photo.
    Video too.
    I’m on sprint if that matters.
    It used to work fine.


    I’m importing my flickr feed (that didn’t work in 2.0 fyi) as photos, but I hate the lag time between posting and the pics showing up on my tumblelog. It can take hours.

    And I wish it’d show that line that says its imported from my flickr on the outside. Currently it shows on the dashboard, but not on my page.

    Other than that I’m still with you, but that’s kinda huge.

  239. While I by no means want social networking to come to Tumblr, it would still be nice to have more options for finding other tumblelogs to follow. Perhaps the ability to view people our friends are following, or even an easy way to get back out to your own landing page to find interestingness you highlight without having to log out.

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  242. Thanks for fixing it so us Sprint people can post phonecam pics again! Tumblr’s awesome again!! Yay!

  243. awesome addition to what already an awesome microblogging tool! yay!

  244. Do we know if we’ll be getting friendly URL’s sometime soon?

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  246. Just came across your program, looks very cool!

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  249. I love this site, but it is really effin hard to find other tumblogs out there which i can follow……

    anyone can help? web 2.0 (tumblr 3.0) is a lonely place…

  250. Pingback: Durgid Tiction » Blog Archive » Wanderlust Ki– Erm, Squire.

  251. Since the upgrade I suddenly have someone I follow in my admin. Don’t know the guy and what’s worse: I can’t get him out of the list. Also I can’t delete or change old postings no more.

  252. IL6WKL 3v3445vtt075nvn0g8d0nb

  253. still no way to get more than 15 posts in home page… no?

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  255. Anyone can tell me how I can remove followers? I can’t remember I ever put them there!

  256. This blog went so long without an update that I forgot to look for one, even though it was in my reader. Please keep periodic posting, no matter how busy you are.

    Thank you so much for the information. I would have missed many of these features by just relying on my common sense and the interface itself.

    One thing: I wish the magnifying glass in the dashboard linked to a search engine. And the current things it links to might go well as a set of preferences instead. As it stands now, I overlooked the feature, because I wanted to set preferences, not search, and the magnifying glass usually relates to a search. Also, after I set my view options, I notice they do not stick. I have to reset them each time.

    Once again, though, thank you!

  257. I’d really love it if I could import my Typepad blog to Tumblr, the same way I would if I were moving over to WordPress or Blogger. More and more my posts are becoming pretty brief and I’d like the ability to bring all my content over and just pick up where I left off with the ease and simplicity that this platform offers.

  258. I just got a Tumblr account, and I love it. Unfortunately though, I’m not able to use it to its full extent. I noticed you were following 112 bloggers. How do you find their blogs? I’ve only found 3 so far. I’d love to know. Could you reply to me at

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  260. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

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    write me to

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  264. A feature request for v3.1: higher limits for the audio files. 5MB seems a bit small for 2008? I have a dj mix blog I want to convert to a tumblelog but would need at least say 100MB per file.

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  271. Pinging Tumblr HQ. Please communicate with your users. :(

  272. I’d like to be able to create links within chats.

  273. Very very cool. One thing I miss (and still do to some extent ;) is comments. But Disqus works well for now. So I’m moving my primary site to Tumblr.

    I’d like to have more options to search/filter through posts. It’s very cumbersome right now. Maybe simple list like view? And filtering by dates/periods would be nice too. :D

  274. These are all nice picture I’d like to have more options to search all the best.

  275. very interesting article.

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  283. I’m thinking I will go with the Ultimate Arcade II design… I need to find someone to build the cabinet as I don’t do wood work & live in a small apartment & have no tools… I’m looking at family members at the moment, hopefully that will work, but we’ll see…

  284. hi, Look at the pics of my new emo haircut

  285. love it!

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  290. is there a tumblr app for the iPhone/iPod touch ?

  291. Pingback: Q&A: Marco Arment, Lead Developer of Tumblr | Todd Wickersty

  292. I like it, very simple and nice.

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