Weekend update

So sorry for the interruptions over the last few days! A bug surfaced in a new caching library we were using (APC) that was wreaking havoc across our servers. It wound up being extremely tedious to locate.

A HUGE thanks to Marco (and his fiance, Tiffany) for pulling some absurd hours over the weekend to get things sorted out. It was absolutely devastating watching the new Tumblr have trouble its first few days.

Another giant thank you to all of our friends who jumped up to help the moment they noticed something was awry. Marc Goldberg at Next New Networks, Benjamin Stein at Mobile Commons, Anthony Volodkin at Hype Machine, everyone at Vimeo, and anyone I’m forgetting — you’re our heroes. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We’ve also gotten through most of the bug reports you’ve sent in. Please keep them coming if you see anything acting funny. Some updates and notes on your feedback:

  • Fixed: The Rich Text Editor was breaking certain post fields in Windows IE.
  • Fixed: The Rich Text Editor has been acting funny in Safari 3. We’ve tried to accommodate for most of its quirks. The guys at Moxiecode that make the editor have a new version coming out with much better Safari support — It’s just not quite stable enough for us to use yet. If it’s causing any trouble, consider turning off Rich Text on your Settings screen.
  • Fixed: A bug that was incorrectly adding Feeds as “link w/ descriptions”. Please delete and recreate any affected Feeds.
  • Fixed: The Theme editor was returning errors for some users.
  • The “Hide my friend’s posts” link on the Dashboard was replaced in favor of the new “Edit” button on your tumblelog’s permalink (post) pages. The “Show/hide my friends” button was always a major cause of confusion and support emails.
  • We’re working on a version of the Theme editor that lets you expand the HTML editing area.
  • When editing a post, we were using the post’s original editing method to determine whether we would show rich text, plain text, or markdown. This was confusing people, so we now override the editor with your current setting (except when the post was created using Markdown).
  • Radar is offline for quality control reasons while we build the new Tumblr.com home page to replace it.
  • Please hit Refresh on any form with the Rich Text Editor if it’s not behaving.

It’s taking us some time to get through all the support emails from last week. Sorry if you haven’t heard back yet. support@tumblr.com is still the best way to reach us. Thanks for being patient.

Lastly, given just how large the Tumblr community has become (and how much interesting feedback we’re getting in our Inbox), we’d like to hurry up and get a Tumblr Forum online next week. Any thoughts or preferences on forum software?

Thanks everyone!


122 responses to “Weekend update

  1. For forum software, I’d personally use beast (http://beast.caboo.se/) it is very miniamist and seems to run very fast with few problems. 37signals also uses it for their fourms (http://forum.37signals.com/)

  2. great work guys, you rock.

  3. I would have to suggest BBpress for Forums software. http://bbpress.org/

    Vanilla is also good http://getvanilla.com/

    also beast http://beast.caboo.se/

  4. Good to hear that the Radar isn’t gone for good. I loved that thing.

    Way to keep it up! You guys are possibly my favorite company on earth.

  5. Oh, and. Invision Power Boards are my personal fave for forums. They look smart, they’re really customizable, they’ve got an excellent back end, and they’re strong.

  6. Thanks for the update! Even tho I still cant upload pics from my phone I’m glad to know you guys are working on stuff to make Tumblr better.

    I recommend the SMF board :)

  7. Thanks for the update and the weekend work!

  8. Great job on both these new updates and the quick bug fixes!

    I also vote for Invision as they power Neowin.net which has one of the best forums on the net in my opinion. Great set of features and looks awesome.

  9. Whatever forum software you choose, find something that focuses on the discussion and not the ability of people to add fancy signatures or large avatars. I enjoy the look of flickr discussion groups; I typically don’t like vBulletin forums. OpenID support would be a nice plus as it gets hard to keep track of all those forum username/password combos.

    Thanks for the update!

  10. I continue to find the linking process very erratic. I don’t seem to be able to make it work at all in text posts. In other types of posts, it works some times, others not. It’s very frustrating, since it used to work perfectly.

  11. Just out of curiosity, what was the APC bug? I switched to XCache about 6 months ago.

  12. very responsive, thank you…

  13. Andrew, I’ve detailed the APC problem here:


  14. A “delete” button in the permalink post page would be very appreciated.

  15. Thanks for the efforts, guys.

  16. “The “Hide my friend’s posts” link on the Dashboard was replaced in favor of the new “Edit” button on your tumblelog’s permalink (post) pages. The “Show/hide my friends” button was always a major cause of confusion and support emails.”

    I found it to be very interesting observation.

    Now, I have to get used to go to my post’s permalink to edit.

    My suggestion is to find a way to include the tumbelog’s URL address on dashboard / 2

    URL address and “log out” should be simple and easy to access on all pages in dashboard.

  17. Re: not being able to hide friends’ posts on the dashboard – the main practical negative outcome of this is, of course, that it’s harder to go back and edit old posts. (It should be noted that the main practical positive outcome is that it forces you to read all what your friends are producing, and so moves your focus more to ‘community’ and what other’s are doing.)

    Now, this is entirely consonant with the definition of a tumblog as being ” a quick and dirty stream of consciousness” (Jason Kottke via Wikipedia). The stream is supposed to flow on, unedited. This is the underlying approach to what the Tumblr team seem to be trying to develop. With this v3, it’s as if the user is increasingly forced to comply with the uncommented, unedited, stream-of-consciousness model.

    Also, with the new rigid separation of posting methods – rich text, plain text or markdown, with no preview in the plain text – the user is ‘encouraged’ to accept the more automated and formulaic rich text editing (I can’t comment on the markdown as I’m not familiar with it) as it’s now much more difficult to operate in plain text.

    Other examples of diminished functionality, such as the loss of the automated target=”_blank” option (a piffling loss but very unhelpful) and the more difficult to use custom template editing, all add to this picture of forcing users into the homogeneous stream of consciousness model, where commentary (and so criticism), self-editing, expansion of thought, individuality, self-expression are discouraged and hampered at worst, or paid lip-service to at best. Changing the colour and size of fonts is not the be all and end all of controlling the medium by which your ‘consciousness’ and purposes might be expressed and effected.

    ‘Well’, you might say, ‘go get a bloody blog, then.’ And that would be fair advice, which I and many others seem to be patiently considering.’ But, although my particular usage might seem to be better suited to blogging rather than tumbling, I’m open to and excited by the prospect of moving in more innovative directions, given time. Tumblr v2 had the potential for great innovation and seemed to be allowing folks to find their own place along the spectrum between blogging and tumbling and beyond – many evolving some interesting hybrids and reinterpretations of these different approaches.

    With the diminished functionality and user-control, and the increasing ‘enforcement’ of unedited stream-of-consciousness via the flooding of the dashboard with friends’ posts, v3 is Tumblr losing the potential to be a platform for the nurturing of innovative, mind and experience expanding communication, and more of a dogmatic, dumbed-down, homogeneous toy that is ‘easy’ and ‘quick’ and trendy. Thou shalt not comment and critique, thou shalt not self-edit, though shalt not go beyond our parameters in form, structure and methodology. That’s not much ‘fun’, is it?

    In the current political / media climate, those three commandments of tumbling are questionable and depressing.

  18. Can someone kindly point out how to code the title heading, fonts within the embed js provided by tumblr?

    See it in action:


    Can one tell me how to remove the numbers? Is it within a list?

    I’m a novice…

  19. Beast – http://beast.caboo.se/ – is the best.

  20. I was wondering… When will we get a full featured Widget, that can submit all possible forms of entries, and upload the media also. Of course though the bug fixes are priority.

  21. I like the simplicity of PunBB.

    Whatever software you guys decide to use, please keep typical forum retardedness under control. The last thing an official Tumblr forum needs is animated avatars, obnoxious signature images and post count e-penis waving.

  22. Don’t worry, Ghostvirus, I’d never allow that to happen. (Do you have stairs in your house?)

    I like PunBB, too. Quick, simple, and tasteful.

  23. Personally, I like Vanilla, very simple.

  24. Another vote for bbPress

  25. Is it a feature or a bug that I can’t view my own private posts when I’m logged in? I get 404’s (rendered in my theme) when I go to the URLs for my private posts. I can’t see them in my archive view, either., which would be great. I know that would mean having to create two views for /archive, but I think it would be worth it. Otherwise, the only way I can find/view my private posts is through the dashboard, which could mean having to page back for a long time.

    Thanks for the update!

  26. Marco:

    Old, rickety wooden stairs that are too narrow, really. I usually go up and down them in the dark too. So far I’ve avoided killing myself.

    I have no idea why we’re talking about stairs.

  27. Thanks for the update and I’m likin all the fixes. Now v3 seems to be working great for me. ^_^

  28. Use Satisfaction for support.


    It’s the way to go.

  29. “Can someone kindly point out how to code the title heading, fonts within the embed js provided by tumblr?”

    i second that…

  30. Just wanted to say… Thank you!

  31. Thanks for such a brilliant platform and all the hard getting the wrinkles out of the latest shirt.

  32. Many thanks for this update. Can I plead with you to do a post like this here about once a month, even if you do end up with a forum (and I hope that you do) and even if you’ve not changed anything?

    I’m pleading, please. I know, I’m a miserable pleader… (and that’s a very old joke); but, still.

  33. Oh, re: removing the “show friends posts” button —

    I bet you get just as many support calls now, asking where it has gone; as you did before, asking how it worked…

  34. “I bet you get just as many support calls now, asking where it has gone; as you did before, asking how it worked…”

    Here’s mine ! I would be great if we could have (again) that choice.

  35. wanted to put in my big thanks to tumblr team for great efforts this weekend
    (one can only imagine)
    your dedication IS appreciated by many who love tumblr

  36. for free – SMF http://www.simplemachines.org
    commercial – vBulletin or IPB

  37. I would also suggest Get Satisfaction. Its approach somewhere between forum and help desk / ticket system works out great.

    Also its an idea and system worth supporting :)

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  39. I’m super-happy to hear that you guys aren’t being silent again (although I imagine making Tumblr into Tumblr, Inc. helped that a bit). I’m also glad to hear about all the new features and the addition of a forum. I think that’s just another way to find interesting tumblings.

  40. Ya, I’m excited that this is taking off! I can’t wait for the Tumblr Forum. If you guys go with an actual forum, keeping it fashionably lightweight (like tumblr :P) would be nice. bbpress or Vanilla perhaps. Good luck guys :)

  41. Good to read an update. Can’t wait for the forums either. Pithy about the radar. Perhaps open up API for last 100 recent posts?

  42. Ultravioletmars

    I too would like to be able to hide friends posts. It’s too cluttered for me to this way. I guess the alterative is to “un-friend” and visit via bookmark. Don’t want to but may have to.

  43. Thanks for implementing an option to get links to open in a new window – the location now is even better as one can change per use. Great work! Thank you, guys!

  44. {block:PostTitle} only renders for a text-type post with a title.

    Probably not a bug per se, but more than slightly non-useful — unless you happen to be using Tumblr to make a regular blog instead of a Tumblelog.

    I’d like Technorati/whatever to be able to index all my posts, ideally…

  45. I am love with the embedding functionality. Is there any way, in embedding our tumblelog, we can bullet individual entries? This has been a feature of Delicious for a long time, and even some very basic additional formatting would help the embedded content scan so much more smoothly!

    Congrats on all the hard work around here.

  46. I like to have the option to “Hide my friend’s posts” back.

  47. How about a discreet narrow band alongside the wide dashboard strip of friends’ posts (which I’m sort of starting to appreciate), which has a list of all your own posts – not full, at the most truncated, but better still just titles, first words or dates or something, in effect a chronological index. I’m sure this could be done subtly and in keeping with the look and feel without being too busy.

    I’ve currently got tags, via del.icio.us, and so the permalink page edit option does make some sense and is usable, but in the absence of tags (as yet) or index, for most users, I imagine the permalink page edit is very limiting.

  48. To echo ausim, a “delete” button in the permalink post page would be very appreciated.

    It’s getting hard to delete tumblr posts, ever since the “show/hide friends’ posts” option is gone — I now have to wade thru all the friends’ posts on the Dashboard.

    Other than that, great work! Thanks!

  49. Where is the option to get links to open in a new window? I’m missing it…

  50. Seems to be causing a bit of a problem.

    I assume that this is transitory…

    But if it isn’t I think a lot of people ….

    Will get a bit annoyed….

    Don’t you?

  51. (Excuse me. It’s the ‘br’ tag. Silly me for trying to type it in a web page.)

  52. @gympanzi – it is available when using the bookmarklet. Now I notice that otherwise it is not. Still, better than none, I say.

  53. Good grief!! All my video links on my Tumblr site are BROKEN since the update. I was using http://www.blip.tv to host my vids and apparently something tumblr did broke it.

    Please fix this! I submitted a support email a week ago and have gotten no response.

  54. David, same thing with my friend’s tumblelog (I was the one who introducted her and it backfired).


  55. @gympanzy – Me wrong. Seems that even with a bookmarklet it is not always working for some reason. Which is a downer.

  56. “When editing a post, we were using the post’s original editing method to determine whether we would show rich text, plain text, or markdown. This was confusing people, so we now override the editor with your current setting (except when the post was created using Markdown).”

    Thanks for changing this. I definitely got confused, especially when posting through TumblrBot wouldn’t allow me to later edit w/ Markdown.

    I think TumblrBot is great and would love to see more out of it. Something a bit more interactive that allows for different types of posts would be excellent. Especially if you could type something like link:http://www.google.com and it would create a link post.

  57. Also Markdown does not actually work via TumblrBot, though now when I go to edit the post it edits it in markdown.

  58. Nice work but no more Quote rich text editing?? Tried to refresh, tried on Opera nothing…

  59. The password reminders page seems to be broken. I can’t log in, and it says the reminder has been sent, but it never arrives. No, it’s not caught in my spam filter.

    E-mails to support address have gone unanswered (except for auto-response) since October 30.

    Help, please!

  60. Anyone else notice that the ‘type’ parameter in the read api doesn’t work at all?

  61. Help!

    I know this isn’t the place for support, but I didn’t get a reply to my email (I understand it must be crazy busy though with the new release, I’m not complaining about the lack of a reply… I’m just hoping someone who reads this can help).

    I loved the idea of the new audio format, so I tried to upload one on day one, it seems to process it for a while, then nothing happens (the field for the mp3 empties and the loading stops). I tried several times over the last week always with the same results. Strangely, I was actually able to upload one yesterday, but (and here’s the second and third issues) it wasn’t the song I wanted to include with my post (my problem) so I tried to change it, but again with the “nothing happens”… although this time at the end of “nothing happens” it navigates to the dashboard (so I think maybe it changed the song, I go check, nope, it’s still the same, try again… we played this game a lot yesterday my Tumblr & I). I finally decide the” change this file” option doesn’t work & try deleting the post & uploading a new one; however, even with the file deleted, I’m told my daily upload of one song is filled, I can try again tomorrow (also, somehow I was able to go back on my browser after this & get the original song back). Lastly, I’m trying again today & can’t upload or change the audio file.

    thanks, Laura

  62. Hello, i´m having problems again with the theme editor. This time i don´t get error messages but the changes i made didnd´t save either. A bug maybe will be that when i click the save button the right frame (where is the preview done) dissappear.

    Thanks for your time,

  63. Forget about my problem, was my fault. Thanks again for your great work!

    I hope a forum will be create soon, and an customizable “Archive” page too!


  64. Seems that Tumblr is down for quite some time already!
    HTTP seems not to respond while ping does respond.

  65. The new theme creation is pretty slick, but it’s still missing one thing for me:

    INCLUDE SUPPORT, ahh. I really (really really) want to integrate tumblr with the rest of my site but I can’t if I can’t include dynamic changes on the side to reflect the other pages

  66. Also, the footer that is included (it’s not removable) causes W3C validation to fail. namely the tags “allowtransparency” and “border” on the iframe. Border doesn’t belong and allowtransparency, while it DOES function in IE, is not a legitimate property

  67. HELP!!!

    I got the Tumblr Password mail, but I can’t reset my password.

    The reset_password page loaded in failure.

    View the source code as follows:

    Log out
    <li onclick=”location.href=’

  68. The URL click-through on channel pics doesn’t work.

    This is after entering a url in the option when posting in the photo form.

    The photo just toggles between small and large.

    This is in Firefox and IE V6 on a PC using Windows xp V5.1 SP2

  69. Hello,

    When I move my tumblr to a custom domain name, the tumblr subdomain 302 redirects to my custom domain, as my tumblr domain has already been cached there will be duplicate content in google’s index.

    The redirect from blah.tumblr.com needs to be a 301, not 302, redirect to my custom domain, http://www.blah.com.

    Is there any reason in particular that it is a 302 and not a 301 redirect? I think most people would prefer a 301 redirect.

    Additionally is there any chance you make tumblrs have a automatically updated sitemap? My tumblr isn’t getting crawled that often by search engines.

  70. Google accepts RSS feeds as sitemaps so just submit http://blah.com/rss

  71. Thank you Cwings! any solution for the 302 redirect? Could a meta refresh work?

  72. HELP!!! HELP!!!

    I changed my password but now I cannot access Tumblr any more.

    I clicked the Forgot your password? link and I got the Tumblr Password mail, but I can’t reset my password.

    The reset_password page loaded in failure.

    View the source code as follows:

    Log out
    <li onclick=”location.href=’

    I wrote support@tumblr.com three times without any answer.

    Give me back my Tumblr account please!

    Thank you very much…

  73. I’m just playing around with Tumblr for the first time, and wondering if it can do one thing: display a slideshow from flickr as a post, either directly or using FlickrSlidr.


  74. I just can’t figure out how to edit an old post now that I can’t hide my followed tumblr blogs in my dashboard.

    There must be an easy way. Please share it with me.

  75. I find it impossible to logout.
    I have two tumblr accounts so this causes major problems. Hope you get it fixed :).

  76. IPB for the forums. Please. :)

  77. Wow, thanks for the new filter function at the top of dashboard and channels. Nice job. Really gonna help. Thanks.

    Now I can see what friends are producing and change to filter to search back through my stuff should I need to.

  78. Time to set up a forum, guys. Like K2 does.

  79. “Wow, thanks for the new filter function at the top of dashboard and channels.”

    Me too.

  80. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to make photo posts larger than 500px wide? The photo simply doesn’t display if I set the limit to say, 501, or 600.

  81. Can someone tell me how I get rid of my followers? I did not put them there myself by the way…

  82. Just popping in to give a big THANKS to the tumblr crew. It’s a terrific service. All your hard work is greatly appreciated!

    So, again. THANK YOU!

  83. This is not a technical post per se… The new microblogging platform Tumblr is all the rave. It is what these pages are built on. The biggest and best bloggers in the world are migrating towards it and investors are dropping funds into it. The platform is fast, attractive and nimble. Why then will they fail?

    I am a different kind of blogger. It is important to me to get all of my content under one roof and I have nearly 10-years worth so that’s no easy task. I have gone for a couple of test runs with Tumblr and love the potential. It’s easy to post and easy to read.

    I have discovered a MAJOR BUG with Tumblr. The bug is this: If I add a photo or a video or anything today November 28, 2007 and date-stamp it say November 1, 2007 in the post, it should fall into according sequence when you read the blog. But it doesn’t.

    That post appears at the bottom of page one before posts from November 26. This makes reading my blog challenging unless I simply say forget all of the old content, I’m only going to post form this day forward. Sorry, I can’t do that. Not to mention, why does Tumblr even have date stamping if it’s not going to work?

    The biggest problem I have with Tumblr isn’t that they’ve got a major league coding bug, that’s acceptable to me although frankly, they shouldn’t come to market with an untested feature; it gives me concern for the overall stability of the entire platform and given how much content that I am going to entrust with a blogging platform, I really ought to trust it.

    No, the biggest problem I have with Tumblr is that I have written them on three occassions over the last several weeks and have not received one response back from them. It would appear to this consumer that they are indifferent to the fact that their system is buggy.

    My favorite blogger and trusted web expert Fred Wilson (who has a vested interest in Tumblr) tells me that I need to be patient because right now Tumblr is simply two-guys trying to make this thing happen and that they are working really hard to get the right people in to take this platform to the next level. I understand that and I can sympathize with that. I’m not, by nature, a very patient person and I know that’s my flaw going into this but here’s the thing that’s really bugging me… Send me an E-mail. Tell me in that E-mail, “Hey, we’re getting killed here. We’re swamped. We’re sorry. We’re going to get this fixed, I promise. Acknowledge the problem. Give me some confidence that you recognize the problem. Show me that you’re on it, that you give two squirts about it and leave me with the impression that it’s broken now but it won’t be forever and I’ll be content (for a little while). Don’t not write me back.

    And I understand that there are only two people. All the more reason. They should be scratching and clawing to let bloggers like me know that this is the future that they care about us and that they don’t like bugs.

    But to date… nothing…

    I first identified this problem and provided it to Tumblr nearly a month ago. I read their pesonal blogs, they’ve got time to read, write and comment on a number of trivial matters in life but they don’t have time to tackle major system bugs????

    And perhaps I’ve been too harsh on these guys when I called out the fact that their own corporate blog is not even hosted on Tumblr but rather WordPress. And perhaps I have been too critical of this bug, after all I am a unique blogger with unique needs, I know that. But I don’t think so… Tumblr is the darling of the 2.0 community at the moment (along with Twitter and a few others) but perhaps Tumblr is too busy reading their own press than to read E-mails from experienced bloggers that identify key coding and platform problems. SiteKreator is another small company but their service is night and day different. Granted there is a different revenue model and they are probably racing towards the black faster than Tumblr (frankly, I have no idea how Tumblr is going to get into the black, it seems the plan is to build a community and then to sell but that’s OK). Dan Kantor from Streampad writes me back when I report problems or ideas. Why can’t Tumblr?

    My bottom line is this. True, I am not a patient person and when it comes to blogging, I’ve been there, done that and seen it all. I’ve used it all. I’ve tasted it all. Tumblr is onto something here. The potential to be great is very real but I won’t entrust my content to a buggy system and I won’t waste too much more time on a buggy system where my E-mails go unanswered and my pleas for resolution are ignored. That’s called Consumerism 101…

  84. For those of us who thought the “Hide friends’ post” feature was removed, you’re in good company. I found out recently that it has, in fact, been re-written into an enhanced search feature.

    Feel free to see my post at


    for an annotated screen capture of the Dashboard.

  85. so is there a forum yet??

  86. Suggestions:

    1) Clicking on the DATE brings up ALL posts from that day, not just individual posts.

    2) Archive link on the Dashboard and Editing pages.

    3) Show Advanced Options in the Tumblr bookmarklet

  87. We wait for the Tumblr Radar

    Esperamos el radar de Tumblr

  88. Agreed. I’m pacing the coast of my little island, here.

  89. I haven’t had any luck getting a response from Tumblr support for the past week, so I came here.

    My Tumblelog is broken…hasn’t updated any feeds since 11/14. No idea why that would be. Help!

  90. Anyone else having the problem I am?

    I check the box in the theme settings for links to open in a new window…but they don’t?

  91. How much image storage does each tumblr blog/member get? Is there a set limit like 1 GB?

    What happens if a tumblr blog gets popular… how much traffic is too much traffic?

  92. I love the archive page, but my video and audio posts don’t appear there. Anyone else having this problem?

  93. What about the service?

  94. New Mac dashboard widget for Tumblr is available here. Have fun and let me know if you have any issues.

  95. Anyone else having the problem I am?

    I check the box in the theme settings for links to open in a new window…but they don’t?

    Yeah, I’m having the same problem, gympanzi. Maybe it’s theme-dependent; I’m set on Sunday Edition without any CSS.

  96. @ Julianne, the same thing happens to me and everybody it seem. I really wish those posts would show up. The archives remove pics within General Posts so I would think they could remove video code too.

    I hope audio/video posts will show up in archives soon :)

  97. Is it just me or one can’t reblog another person’s Chat and it being credited to the original author?
    Also one can’t add any text or else it becomes part of the reblogged conversation.

  98. Hey guys.

    First off, amazing job. This is my first blog (of VERY many) that I actually enjoy posting on!

    Problem though =(

    I just got my BlackJack and for some reason when I try posting in the Internet Explorer browser on it, it won’t let me click the “Create Post” button. Everything else works, I can write the entire post with a title, it just doesn’t recognize the button as a button.

    keep up the amazing work!

  99. “support@tumblr.com is still the best way to reach us.”

    Still no response to my Support request after a few weeks.

  100. Been a tumblr user in the UK for a while and have just put up my new site featuring tumblr pictures at http://nickgarnett.squarespace.com/tumblr/
    tumblr is so direct and unencumbered with geekness it’s a real credit to you guys…
    Nick Garnett

  101. I love the audio feature, and I love the reblog feature. But I wish there was a way to reblog an audio post of a tumblr that I am not “following”. Any chance this will somehow be added.

    The ability to reblog a post from a tumblr you are not following.

  102. Hi Guys!

    Seems that all is working fine, congrats!

    I just wanna remember your about the ping service integrated in Tumblr, doesn´t works correctly.

    Thanks in advance!

  103. i would love to embed videos on text posts.

    i can put images and everything, but not videos, i would love to.


  104. Just found a problem: the audio posts don’t show up in the nice Archive page.


    Any way to fix it?

  105. Any news as to when the ‘Tags’ perk will be made available to show?

  106. All right- I am ready for “channels” to be exported some way. (and yeah tags would be nice.)

  107. I would like to be able to follow a tumblr but only by tags. In otherwords I would only feed into my dashboard the content I chose. Wouldn’t that be sweet? For instance one tumblr has an occasional post about scotch (which I LOVE.) I don’t care about any of the other posts. So let me subscribe to just the tag.

  108. can someone tell me how to get haloscan comments to work on tumblr? i’ve seen a couple that have comments, but everyone cites the same link as a ‘how to’ and it seems that site (http://pimpmyshiira.com/stuff/commenting-tumblr) no longer exists.

  109. Could you add SMS notifications?
    They can be limited, because of costs.

  110. Hi guys!

    Will we get soon a comments system? Disqus is great but i´ll love a own tumblr system.


  111. Is radar ever comming back? I miss it so…

  112. Is this really the official tumblr news feed? The last posts is from November 4th 2007. The most recent comments are from users in the comments. …did I miss something?

  113. You asked about forum software.

    Suggestion: consider a good bugbase instead, like Trac. Which is cool because ‘every bug is an unimplemented feature (and vice versa)’.

    Just a thought!

  114. havent been able to load an audio for 2 days, any idea why?

  115. Team up with Stumbleupon. It would also raise the amount of people who use tumblr.
    DELETE buttons, please.
    Being able to reply to your comments would be awesome too.

    Other than that, I have no problem whatsoever.

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