Monthly Archives: April 2008

Security notice

Earlier this afternoon, during alterations to our administrator code, access to certain administrator controls was incorrectly exposed for 40 minutes.  This was immediately corrected after coming to our attention, and we proceeded to audit our access logs.

27 registered email addresses were exposed (those accounts have now been contacted), and 1 account had data altered that was immediately restored.  No other accounts were affected, no passwords are stored in plain text, and all data is backed-up and journalled.

Obviously, the privacy, reliability, and integrity of your data is our single most important responsibility.  We screwed up today, and we cannot possibly express our remorse.  While we are taking further measures to make sure nothing like this can happen again, please know that your data integrity is already our single biggest consideration.

If there’s anything we can explain or clarify, you can reach us at

We’d also like to make a special apology to Julia Allison, whose account was temporarily affected by our mistake.