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Totally apropos, within 30 minutes of sitting down to chat with Digg CEO Jay Adelson (who we just learned is a native New Yorker), we hit the Digg front page. The story is actually a link to a very cool in-depth Lifehacker article on Tumblr. We’re long time fans of Lifehacker (they broke the story on Channel Frederator when we launched in ’05) and we were thrilled to read Gina Trapani‘s thorough account of her experience with Tumblr. It just so happens she runs the second most popular tumblelog,, just behind Leo Laporte.


In other happenings, posted a scan of the Chicago Trib article that mistakenly captioned them as being powered by Tumblr. We made it very clear in our interview that was our inspiration, and stole our hearts about 14 months prior to developing Tumblr. Oh well — the folks took it in good spirit, and were kind enough to give us a shout-out :-)

Despite the torrent of recent attention, we have actually managed to get some work done. Some of the changes to look out for early next week:

  • Write API is done.
  • Bookmarklet is using rich text editing again in all fields.
  • now features “Today’s Popular Tumblelogs”, refreshed nightly.
  • You can now change your account email address from the Settings page.
  • The Tumblr RSS crawler now sends the “If-Modified-Since” header to play nicer with cached feeds. (Thanks for reminding us, Nelson M.!)
  • HTML filtering no longer strips H-tags (H1, H2, H3…).
  • Mobile photo uploads are getting smarter and should be stripping more of the junk text that cell carriers send. (Mobile Text posting coming very soon!)
  • And some other big things should be hitting beta for you guys to play with very soon.

Let’s hear it for Marco for keeping the site up during the storm of Digg users without so much as a hiccup! You never fail to amaze me.

Chicago Tribune: “Is small talk the next big thing?”

We got some very cool coverage today. Eric Gwinn at the Chicago Tribune was kind enough to cover Tumblr in an article about the movement towards short-form on the web.

Eric asks “Is small talk the next big thing?”. I really enjoyed this interview. Eric is a seriously sharp guy.

“Short form is here for the long haul”

Read the full article here